Friday, February 1, 2013

february goals and january recap

I think the older you get the faster the months and years pass you by. A good excuse to make sure you enjoy life and do all the things you want to do and be happy. Don't let the years pass you by. You gotta have some good stories to tell your grand kids when you get older.

  • get issa.ino organized - I've done some organizing (pictures, files and spreadsheets), but I still have more to do. I need to get my taxes done ASAP so I'm gonna need to really get this done in the next month. - 1/2
  • clean out bedroom closet and kitchen cabinets - I tackled the bedroom closet like a BOSS! I think most of what is left in there is stuff I plan to keep. I found some stuff to trash and put a few other things in there that are just taking up space in my living room. As for the kitchen...I don't like my kitchen much so I don't spend any extra time in there...heck when I'm mixing cookie or cake mix, sometimes I bring it into the living room because I don't like being in the kitchen. But I still like to bake and cook. Weird right. - 1/2
  • create a vision board - I've started this. I don't have a lot of magazines to pull pictures from, so I'm not sure what to do next. Do I draw stuff? Do I just use words? What? Has anyone else made a vision board? Link me to it. - 1/2
  • start purging craft supplies - I listed a bunch of stamp sets on eBay, but so far only a few of them sold. I will try to list them again and see if I can get rid of more of them. I still have a lot more supplies to go through that I'm not using. Years and years of collecting patterned paper and cardstock. I like what I bought, but I have no idea how I'll ever use it all. - 1/2
  • eat sushi w/ friends - A coworker and I enjoyed sushi and what not after our shifts one day. It was nice to hang out NOT at work. We sat and bitched about work too. That's always fun. Sometimes you have to talk to someone who understands. - 1
Not a bad start for a new year with a total score of 3 out of 5. I did a little bit of everything. It's a pretty good start I think. Add to that a complete month of WTCraft. I've been pretty busy. Now let's move on to these plans for February.

Yes, that last goal is to enjoy a gourmet burger while one of the other goals is to eat vegetarian all month. I never said it had to be a meat burger. Ha! I've had some really good veggie burgers and that is what my meal out with friends will be this month. I like to pick short months to do wild food challenges like not eating meat or not having candy. Why torture myself for 31 days when I can torture myself for only 28. I wish more months had 28 days.

Oh and if you checkout the left sidebar I've added my goals for the month over there. Just because.

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Chelsea Lennox said...

Ohhhh purging is such a good feeling! I just sold a whooole ton of clothes online and got them shipped today. It's just a weight off the shoulders!