Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Yowza, three posts in one day. I guess I have a lot to say today. It's the first of the month, make sure you check out my post about February goals and my January recap.

Dear Universe: Life is good. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and clothes on my back. I could use your help though. I could use some time well spent with friends and some financial gain (etsy sales, eBay sales, something). Please help. I'll even take winning a giveaway or two that I could use towards earning some extra cash money.

Dear Ellen: I'd really love to see you in April when I'm in California. You always make me laugh and sometimes cry (happy tears). Whenever I need to smile or laugh I watch your show or clips on YouTube. You are wonderful and kind and an inspiration with all the good that you do. There needs to be more people in the world like you.

Dear Vegetarians: I will be eating vegetarian all month long, what are some good and easy recipes for me to try out that you love? I have a few go to things I like to eat, but I want to try some new things.

Dear New Followers: Hi! I don't know what else to say. I hope you enjoy your time here and that I can keep you entertained or teach you something or whatever.  I try to respond back to comments, but sometimes I let them sit in my inbox so long that I feel bad when two weeks have past and I still haven't responded and end up deleting the email. I DO read them all though and appreciate that you take the time to commnet.

Dear ScruffyNerdy: That crush on's back. *deep heavy sigh* I wish you were still here so that I could smoosh your face. I would totally date you long distance if you were interested, but I know you're not. Oh well. You should be my valentine anyway. Or my anti-valentine. It's whatever.

Dear Indiana Weather: Make a decision, be unseasonably warm or be winter cold. You're playing with my emotions. I don't mind the cold, but stay cold. I wouldn't mind some more snow too. Lots of big flaky snow.

Dear Body: I hope you're ready for this month. No meat for you and we're going to be doing the Fab Ab Challenge. Time to put in some work. I might start waking you up early again to go walking/running. Let's get healthy.

Create something that will make the world awesome. - Kid President

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Diary of an Angry Pregnant Lady said...

Ellen is the best person ever isn't she? I'm on maternity leave right now and my favorite part of the day is when her show comes on!


Michelle said...

Scruffy Nerdy sounds like a bit of fun .. you never know if you dont ask :) Sounds like youve had a busy week, hope your weekend is just as good x

Blogging while single and over 30 said...

I love zucchini lasagna! It's so good and low calorie!

Typical 90s child... said...

My husband loves Philipino style Cuban rice, made with boca crumbles (or anything else like it)instead of ground beef, it has lots of yummynes with raisins, worcestershire sauce etc... here's a SUPER quick and easy one that make for him as well

lost in travels said...

good for you for going vegetarian! i've always wanted to try for awhile but then the beef calls my name

Jennifer said...

I'm bad at responding to comments too!

Stopping by from "Friday's Letters"!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Sophia Season said...

What a coincidence. I have been eating mostly veggies and fruits for the past month. I occasionally have some tuna or chicken. I've done well to stay away from beef and pork. I haven't done so well with the exercise though. I hope it works out well for you.

Stopping by from The Sweet Season.


Susannah said...

I LOVE the Kid President! He's my absolute favorite!

Laura Go said...

Good luck on your vegetarian goal! I was vegetarian for all of 3 months in undergrad, and I wish I could do that now again, but my husband is super resistant. Actually, I can't give up fish. :)
♥ laura
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