Monday, March 11, 2013

photo a day: 6 - 10

sometimes I have a hard time thinking of things to take pictures of.

day 6 - the last snow fall we had, is it spring yet?

day 7 - very berry hibiscus, sometimes you just need to enjoy a delicious treat with friends. then some jerk crop dusts you. gross.

day 8 - a pin cushion my friend Gale made for me. I need more pins.

day 9 - apparently I collect root beer/ginger beer/creme soda bottles. that butterscotch root beer is the BEST!

day 10 - I like to reuse birch boxes for my small sewing boxes.

On Thursday, I'm going to start a new link up called That's One Good Thing. It'll be one thing we can share that we're thankful for that has happened this week no matter how big or how small. I hope you'll join me.

reading - Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
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April Christine said...

That's a nice idea for a link up. :) I'll be on the look out for it! And now I'm craving that berry drink from Starbucks. I just had my first non-coffee drink from there the other day, and it was some good stuff. Sometimes it's kind of dangerous knowing I work within a 5 minute walk from that place. ;)

Simply Evani said...

I like the idea of your link up! And recycling birchboxes is my fave. Those boxes are half the reason I get that shipment! haha

Jen said...

That pin cushion is too cute! :)