Friday, March 15, 2013

WTCraft - week 11

Spring is coming and I want a fresh start so I'm clearing out my shoppe. EVERYTHING is 50% off with the code SPRING50!

Can you believe it, this is week 11 already. This year is flying by. I think I'm going to bring a cross stitch project with me on vacation. Small and easy. I've already started thinking about a new weekly project that I might start in April or May. More on that later though.

top to bottom from left to right: infinity scarf, pocket squares, to do list book, a bear hat, banana nutella smoothie and from pants to skirt
That last project is a sewing project I started years ago. A pair of super wide legs jeans that I ripped the seams out of so I can turn them into a long skirt. Super easy to do. I just need to get the butt seam right and I'll be good to go. I may have to take them up a bit though because ti's super long with the bottom hem. It'll be a fun skirt.

reading - Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
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Jen said...

You turned pants into a skirt?!?! You are awesome!