Thursday, March 14, 2013

that's ONE good thing

I don't know how it started, but I have a friend who sometimes tweets something kinda random, but relevant to what is happening to her at the moment and then tags it #thatsonegoodthing. Most times they're not anything super serious, but lighthearted and fun.

I thought it'd make for a great weekly feature. Sometimes we get caught up in other stuff during the week that we forget about the small stuff, the good stuff, the stuff to be thankful for. So, if you'd like, share one good thing from this week. One thing you're grateful for. If can be ANYTHING, you had a great hair day, you found an awesome parking spot, you found your missing shoe. ANYTHING. Just one good thing...if you want to share more than one good thing, that's cool too.

My one good thing this week is my Tuesday night hang out. My friend DJ MetroGnome has the longest running Hip Hop night in the city. That's hard to come by around these parts. He celebrated 7 years this week. While it is the middle of the week, it's a nice break. We all come together to hang out, shoot the shit, have a drink, listen to GOOD music (not the garbage played on the radio every hour on the hour) and have a great time. (I may have almost gotten into a fight once.)

I've been attending since the beginning and have met some of the most awesome people here. It's been a place I could come when the day wasn't the greatest and I just needed to be around people, but not around people. (I can be super anti-social).

It's one of my favorite places to read a book...with the music blaring or work on crochet projects.

And while it's a Hip Hop night...sometimes...just sometimes...MetroGnome will play something special for me. Maybe he'll stay with the Hip Hop vibe and play a song that only I know...or he'll switch it up and play some 80's rock. It ALWAYS fits the vibe though and the crowd always rocks out. And because he's a big supporter of the local music scene, he'll throw in some of the GOOD local artists that kick ass in this city.

It's a great a place to be on a Tuesday night. Even though I had to work Wednesday morning (and slept through both of my alarms.) I'm glad I got to hang out and celebrate 7 years of Take That Tuesday.

That my one good thing, what's your one good things this week?

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Lastly, I want to leave you with this from Not Always Right (if you've never read any of the posts there, head on over. It's hilarious and sometimes heartwarming.)

This was posted on Monday. I love this. Sometimes we get caught up judging people by how they look, when they're trying to do good. I love that this young girl was doing MORE than just "writing a check," she is actually out there doing something. And she's just a teenager. It's nice to see children trying to make a difference and change the world at a young age.

Judge A Sandwich On Its Filling

Coffee Shop | New York, NY, USA
(A young girl that is about 14 years old walks in. She gets some looks from our other patrons, as she has bright purple hair, multiple piercings, a leather jacket, and ripped jeans. It is freezing outside and she has a scowl on her face that makes me nervous.)
Me: “Hello, welcome to [coffee shop]. How may I help you?”
Young Girl: “I’ll take five of the largest black coffees you have, and ten of your ham and cheese sandwiches.”
Me: “Okay, will that be all?”
Young Girl: “Yeah.”
Me: “Your total is [price].”
(To my surprise, she pulls out a $100 bill. I am suspicious, and I check to make sure it’s real. It checks out, and I give her a bag with her sandwiches.)
Me: “Here is your change. Your coffee will be ready in a moment.”
(I keep an eye on her as she stands around glaring at anyone who looks at her. I see her looking at the tip jar. When I hand her the coffees, she asks me about it.)
Young Girl: “Your tip jar says that the money goes to you guys. Are any of you in college?”
Me: “Yes, I’m going to Rochester Institute of Technology. A few others are in college as well.”
Young Girl: “Good for you.”
(She pulls out the change I gave her and a few more $20 dollar bills. She crams then in the jar and salutes me jokingly before walking out. I am stunned, and chase after her. I find her on the street corner talking to some homeless people and handing out the sandwiches and coffee.)
Me: “Excuse me!”
Young Girl: “I’m sorry, did I forget something?”
Me: “No, but you just tipped us over $100 dollars. You’re also giving away a lot of food.”
Young Girl: “Yeah, my dad is crazy rich. I feel like I can do more if I actually interact with people instead of signing a check to a charity. Every Friday I gather anyone I see who needs a good meal, and buy it for them.” *she smiles brightly* “I may be young, but I can make a difference. I usually hand out flyers for homeless shelters or soup kitchens, too.”

(Without another word, she walks off silently. I didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the week. It goes to show you that appearances aren’t everything!)

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Typical 90s child... said...

"One good thing" is a great idea, it really does help to make yourself think about the the little good things that happened if you don't have one big thing that stands out :)

I get so frustrated at people who constantly judge people by the way they look...that being said, we all do it :/ however I'm more likely to be judging the prissy "well" dressed girl

Rima said...

What a great story. I always wanna do what she does, whenever i have the time.