Wednesday, June 19, 2013

enjoying the sweat

It's been about 4 weeks since I've started working out again. I think I joined Planet Fitness about 3 weeks ago. No change in weight. I don't think I look any different and my clothes still feel like they fit the same. I'm totally fine with that. I know that I didn't gain the weight overnight and that it won't disappear overnight. (I think I am going to try to take a picture of myself every 4 weeks to track my progress. Probably weight myself that often too.)

I'm really enjoying my gym membership. I do AT LEAST an hour of cardio, sometimes more. I like to do at least two of the following: ARC Trainer, elliptical, treadmill or bicycle. I try not to do the ARC Trainer on the days I muscle train my legs. It ends up being torture when I get home (3 flights of stairs).

I'd like to do more free weights. Bench press and what not, but I'm a little scared to do those things by myself. I'd hate to drop the bar on myself and not have someone there to pull it off of me. I might have to convince one of my friends to start working out with me or something.

I don't think my eating habits have changed too much. I am eating more salads though and shopping at Whole Foods more. It gets expensive. Also, I'm addicted to Whole Foods pizza. I've stopped in twice in less than a week so far for lunch just for a slice of pizza. And they always give me the biggest available slice. I don't know why it's so good, but it is. 

Also, this happened today. I've been thinking about cutting bangs for a month or so. I was getting ready to take a shower and just went for it. I'm still on the fence. I did leave them long enough so that I can still pin them back. They hide my unkempt eyebrows nicely.

I had something else I wanted to mention, but I already forgot what it was. It happens.

I want to go to London. Random.

I guess that's all for this post. Come back, Friday I'll be sharing my wishes for summer. 

reading - Hippo Eats Dwarf by Alex Boese
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Setarra said...

1. Loving the bangs. They are super cute :)

2. Keep it up with them workouts Melissa! I just started going back into doing yoga and that shit is tough. I'm shaking with every pose haha. But I seriously love to sweat.

3. Yeap, whole foods is expensive but their hot-bars are my weakness haha.

4. Let's go to London together :)

Rima said...

i think Setarra & I should be your LDN buddies.


Simply Evani said...

Yay for working out! I'm obsessed with doing weights, hence my lack of weight loss, because I'm just gaining hella muscle. Just a tip, when you run, try alternating super high intensity with a short burst of comfortable pace over and over. The high intensity, followed by short rest period jump starts your weight loss! Andddddd everyone tells me weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise... which sucks because I love to eat. meh.