Thursday, August 1, 2013

Influenster - Sunkissed Vox Box

Disclaimer: I was sent this package of items for free from Influenster. All opinions are my own.

I'm not sure how Influenster decides who will get what type of box. The last box received was dish washing liquid and it made me and adult. This box...I'm not so sure. It's a good mix of things I'd probably not purchase without a coupon or two. Here are my thoughts on them:
  • Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream: $12.99* - I had high hopes for this. I've been wanting to try BB creams for awhile and was excited I'd finally get to try one on someone else's dime. This wasn't much of a BB cream (from what my understanding of what a BB cream is supposed to be) to me as much as it was a tinted sunscreen. The instructions stated that you should reapply it every two hours (sounds more like sunscreen to me). That doesn't really work if you put on blush, bronzer, etc. It had a nice scent, but it was a little strong. It scent did wear off after a couple of hours though. Unfortunately this BB cream made me break out. It was way to greasy for my skin. That made me sad. I wanted to like it. I may try it out again come winter when my skin is a little drier.
  • Goody Ouchless: $3.99 - I've gotten these in my Birch Box before and didn't really like them because they aren't tight enough for my hair. These from Goody were a little bit tighter though. I only use them when I don't need my hair super tight or when I braid my hair at night when I'm going to sleep. They're not supposed to leave a line in your hair when you pull it back, but with mine they still do. I think that's just my hair though.
  • Sinful Shine Nail Polish: $1.99 - While I wasn't too big a fan of the color I received, this is a nice polish. I only needed one coat for good coverage. I'd definitely pick this brand up in a color I like, especially since it's reasonably priced. No new nail polish for me right now though. I'm in the middle of selling/donating all the polish I've not ever used or used only once. If you know of place, leave me a comment.
  • Dr. Scholl's High Heels: $7.99 - I don't ever have luck with Dr. Scholl's inserts. I don't really wear heels either so I strutted my stuff around my apartment for a bit to test these guys out. They made wearing my heels a little more bearable. I'm not sure how'd they fair if I actually wore them out for an extended period of time though.
Sunkissed makes me think of summer. The only product here that really makes me think of summer is the BB Cream, but only because it asks you to reapply it as if it's just a sunscreen. Maybe I'm just not girly enough.

Have you tried out any of these products? What items would you include in a sunkissed style product box?

*Prices may vary. These prices were gathered from my local Target.

reading - The Museum of Hoaxes by Alex Boese
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Teresa said...

looks like you got some fun stuff in your VoxBox! I think Plato's Closet might take the nail polish, but I'm not sure.

Laura Go said...

I have tried to do that VoxBox thing but never got one :( I do LOVE Sinful Colors because their polish is super inexpensive but they have pretty colors. I love the shade you got! It's perfect for the colder temps. Sorry to hear the BB cream didn't work out for you. i haven't tried any American BB creams yet just because, well, I think Asian creams are better, even though they give about as much coverage as a tinted moisturizer.