Thursday, August 1, 2013

august goals and a july recap

Oh...hai! Um yeah, so this post is a day late. Oops! I've been pretty wrapped up with my Indie Go Go campaign for 100 Quilts, 100 Kids (click the link and check it out). Sometimes you get an idea and you try to ignore it, but it just won't go away.

  • make chocolate almond butter - so one afternoon I wanted a chocolate banana smoothie and I was out of Nutella so I threw some almonds in my new little food processor with some chocolate chips and got a chunky chocolatey almond butter. it wasn't bad for my first try. the almonds were raw instead of roasted, next time I will make it with roasted. - 1
  • experiment with cheesecake - for most of the month it was just too hot to have the oven going. the last few days have been nice and cool, but I didn't take advantage of that like I should have. I think it was the too many cupcakes and other sweets I had while I was in Chicago. I'm kind of sugared out. - 0
  • put $50 into savings - I actually ended up taking money OUT of my savings account this month when I went to Chicago. Eek! That wasn't supposed to happen. I got a little carried away with mystery shopping the week before I went out of town and I won't be reimbursed for at least a month. lesson learned, do mystery shops that don't require I have to buy anything. - 0
  • eat out only ONCE a week - totally forgot I was having lunch with a friend and brunch with another the same week. this was a fail right when the month started. I will make a better effort this month, but um...the state fair starts today so yeah. - 0
  • enjoy Chicago - it was good to get out of Indianapolis for a day and a half. I ate a lot of good food and stayed in a nice comfy hotel bed that had air conditioning. it could've been a better time, but it was still a good time. plus I had lots of cupcakes, even if some of them did suck. - 1
Summer is for breaks, not thinking about goals. My score of 2/5 shows that clearly. Excuses, excuses. I am the master of excuses...or I used to be. I try not to make them so much these days. It's that thing...personal responsibility. I try to have that, since it bugs the shit out of me sometimes that other people don't have it. Anywho...let's see what's in store for August.

Since my 100 Quilts, 100 Kids campaign ends in September I want to have it mostly/fully funded by the end of August so I can spend September ordering fabric and getting things situated to start sewing. And in order to get my place ready for this undertaking apartment REALLY needs to be purged, cleaned and organized. The two go hand in hand. Wish me luck, share my campaign, send me some fabric or donate. I would really appreciate any help I can get.

What are your goals this month? Grab the button below, leave your link in the comments section. Let's get some stuff done.

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Jen said...

It's amazing how quickly you can get sugared out. I get that way a lot.

Angie said...

Your so right, summer is for breaks!