Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Weekend - a list

  • My 100 Quilts, 100 Kids campaign has gotten off to a nice start. I've got enough to make a difference in the lives of 5.5 kids. Question: What would it take from me to get you to donate/share my campaign with your friends/followers?
  • Found out on Friday that my apartment building is owned by a new company. Not happy about it at the moment. The former leasing manager was always kind enough not to charge me a late fee if my rent was a few days late. I've been job and apartment hunting. 
  • I spent most of the weekend building the Death Star for a customer. He bought it for his 5 year old son and wanted most of it glued together. I am not very fond of epoxy. I don't think I'll ever build a set again that needs to be glued together. No thanks. I'd definitely build the Death Star again though. 
  • I also spent the weekend cleaning out my closet and starting to organize my craft stuff. I got rid of a big box of clothing, a big bag of shoes and a box of yarn. I love freecycle.
  • overheard my neighbor: How do you spell major? (I wasn't aware that major was a hard word to spell.) 
  • Attempted to make Hibiscus Cheesecake...the batter was too moist. I will attempt this again another time.
  • I haven't been to the gym in like two weeks. I've done SOME exercising, but not as much as I need to be. It's back to the gym on Monday. Since the weather has cooled down a bit it's nice to run/walk outside so I've been doing a little bit of that. I enjoy running on concrete more than a treadmill. I don't like the forced speed of the treadmill. I can never get it right and have a hard time running on that small path.
  • I've only skimmed the Passoinfruit Ads change and I don't think I like it. 
  • Question, can a smile lead to a hello?
    And a hello lead to a first date?
    And a first date to a can't wait to do it again?
    Ain't no pressure can just let love develop?
    Get to know one another from a sister to a brother?
  • I wanna go on a first date.
  • lavender water = so delicious
  • Karmin played on the Free Stage at the State Fair on Friday night and I went with my friend Telissa (that's Melissa, but with a T). There's something about live music. It was a good concert. They even stayed and signed autographs for TWO hours, an hour longer than their performance. It was nice out so we sat in the stands and chatted and watch the line. At the end we went over to see Amy and Nick close up. We didn't want a picture or anything, we were just being weirdos.
So...what did you do this weekend?
reading - The Museum of Hoaxes by Alex Boese
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Angie said...

Job & Apartment Hunting..You have a lot on your plate!

Sounds like a pretty good weekend. Hope your week ahead is wonderful :)

Laura Go said...

dude, good luck on the hunt! Lavender water sounds delicious! As does the hibiscus cake.

Simply Evani said...

As soon as I get my blog up and running again, I want to help with the quilt thing! And that's awesome, Karmin is so cool.