Monday, August 19, 2013

what day is it again? - a list

  • it's kind of like all the days ran together this week. what happened this week...or was that last week...what was my last dog post. that's how I feel right now.
  • bacon glazed donuts, corn dog, ribbon fries, lemon shake up, deep fried oreos, chicken parfait, strawberry shake up, italian sausage - all the things I ate at the State Fair this week. Not all on the same day. thank you sweet baby state fair jebus for $2 Tuesdays.
  • I ate out a lot this week. A LOT! More than I would have liked...and I didn't work out at all this week.
  • got to hang out at Coaches on Tuesday after the fair. I think the last time I'd been there was in April. I've been hiding out at home a lot. it was a good time. always good to see people I like.
  • that lady at the bus depot...I tell her I need a 31 day HALF fare pass and she charges me for a FULL fare pass. this is not the first time this has happened either. hear my words woman and then verify. ugh. I'm on a budget and you be messing up my finances with that hold on my account waiting for the refund.
  • working the overnight shift at GenCon was fun and super easy peasy. I could totally do that job full time. all I did was read my book and sell tickets for about 10 hours. oh and people watch. one of my favorite hobbies.
  • our excitement for Friday night/early Saturday morning was an abandoned, taped up white cooler sitting about 15 feet from where I was and having security tell me it was a possible bomb and that I needed to tell the customers I was helping that I couldn't finish helping them and we needed to get the fuck out of the area. kinda nerve wracking, but I stayed calm, grabbed my money and moved. it was just some cake and crackers in a beat up cooler. better safe than sorry though.
  • it bugs me that some people are a bit sensitive and read too much into something that wasn't intended as they may have thought. 
  • it also bugs me that like 4 - 5 years later I still get upset that my MacBook Pro was stolen when I was at work. it just hurts all over again. let it go already Melissa.
  • oh man...working an overnight and then working a morning shift at my regular job. not a good idea. I drank 2 cups of coffee in 30 minutes. I don't drink coffee. I think I was awake for 30 hours straight. lesson learned.
  • another donation to my 100 Quilts, 100 Kids campaign. there are about 4 weeks left. please help!
  • holidays are quickly approaching...if I'm going to do any consignment I'm going to need to get to work. there's a lot to do. oy!
  • today is going to be day 10 of 11 of working between the regular job and the temp job I picked up. I'm ready for a couple of days off and some much needed sleep and grocery shopping. there's a lot that needs to get done.
reading - Insurgent by Veronica Roth
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Jen said...

I love fair food, it's so good!

Simply Evani said...

Because I love you, I'm going to say this: GET BACK TO THE GYM! :) But because I'm the person I am, I want to congratulate you on eating nearly EVERYTHING I would've eaten at the State Fair. :)