Tuesday, September 10, 2013

friday dates, memories and puppies - a list

  • my bae (granny) passed away last week. I'm sad because the last time I saw her was 2006 and I kept thinking I wanted to see her again before it was too late. I'm not devastated because she was old, 89. I didn't think she would live much longer than my laki (grand dad) and he died in 2004.
  • I found out via facebook that she had passed. not exactly how I would have liked to find out. I'm trying not to be mad about it. the way communication works in our family...that's a tale for another time.
  • I talked the ASM into giving me Wednesday off last week and she was like sure, go for it. My first thought was YES! I can go to the gym. Ha!
  • Friday I had my bi-weekly date with my friend, Telissa (Melissa and Telissa, too funny when we hang out together and introduce ourselves to new people). we go out to eat, hunt for cupcakes, look at make up, eat, talk, people watch, drink beer, shop. it's a great way to spend the day. it's relaxing. I needed it after finding out about my bae. 
  • on Saturday I had a mystery shop to do and needed to get in a work out for gym pact. if I didn't have to do those two things I would've stayed in my apartment the whole day. movies kept sucking me in and I just wanted to lay on the couch and watch tv and do nothing. the day had the potential to be nice and lazy.
  • why do dogs follow you into the bathroom? I was puppy sitting on Sunday and it was all fine and dandy for the puppy to walk around my apartment on his own, but if I left the living room to go to the kitchen/bedroom/bathroom, puppy was following behind me and watching me intently. seriously? can I use the bathroom without your watching eyes. I didn't want to give the puppy back. he is the cutest.

  • it is hotter than balls out here for the next couple of days and man oh man...I'm not digging it at all. I'm crocheting hats for consignment and for the holidays (yup, I'm trying to get an early start) and really I don't want to touch yarn because it's hot, but I must.
  • my dad has moved back to the Philippines. he made it time for the funeral, which will be on Thursday. he is exactly 12 hours away on the opposite side of the world.
  • I need to re up my passport and save some money so I can head over to the Philippines. maybe that's the next vacation I need to save up for.
  • wish me luck, I applied to be a downtown ambassador. the job has good benefits and much better pay. the job consists of cleaning up outside downtown...even in the winter. I'm down for that. I don't have to do it forever. just until I can save up enough to make issa.ino:handmade into my full time job.
  • less than week until the 100 Quilts, 100 Kids campaign is over. we're at $300. the proceeds from the hats, cowls and things I make during the holidays will go towards buying fabric for quilts.
  • I think I've been washing my laundry for about two weeks now. I believe my clothes are cleaner than your clothes, unless you're one of those people who does an extra rinse cycle. watching the grey water go down the drain is both gross and satisfying. I'm rather enjoying it. I just need a drying rack, it's weird taking a shower with clothes hanging by the side.
  • did you watch the premiere of the Arsenio Hall Show last night? I think it was awful. I had to turn the channel and put on some music to get back to a better place. 
  • I can't wait for the weather to cool down. I know I said that already, but it needs to be repeated. 
  • also, my birthday is next month. I'm already thinking about my wish list...on the top of the list...cake. ha!

reading - Not in Kansas Anymore by Christine Wicker
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Simply Evani said...

I want to take another trip to the PI too. I'm sorry to hear about your Bae. <3

JanM ♥ said...

I'm sorry about your bae and the way you found out about it. :( Anyway, it's hot here in LA too and the dog, Ron and I are not loving it. About the dog in the bathroom, I have no idea why they do that, my dog watches me while I'm in the shower. The door is kind of frosted but it's creeoy sometimes. LOL Have a great weekend! :)