Sunday, September 29, 2013

life lately - a list

  • I've been a reading machine the last week. I've finished 4 books in the last week or so. If I didn't have other things to do I would just lay in my bed and read all day and all night. But alas I can't because there's a shit ton of stuff that needs to be done. Where's my clone when I need her?
  • I applied for the Handmade Promenade Holiday Pop Up Shop again this year and was accepted. Yay! I'm a crocheting and sewing machine. I'll also be a hermit for awhile. I checked my previous inventory sheets and have a better idea of what items to send more of this year. Hopefully EVERYTHING sells this year.
  • lavender vanilla cupcakes with a maple cream cheese frosting...topped with bacon. My experiment this Saturday. The lavender isn't as strong as I'd like it to be so I'll have to try again. Otherwise they're pretty good.
  • The kindness of strangers with regards to 100 Quilts, 100 Kids has been pretty darn amazing. Ask and you shall receive. I've been requesting trades on etsy, something my shop for something from a few fabric shops. A few have agreed to trading AND offered to send a bit extra for the cause. It makes my heart smile.
  • One more pound lost. I've not been getting to the gym as much as I would like, so when I do make it I try to work my larger muscles as much as I can. I still think I can do more. I'm still not doing as good as I know I can with this eating thing. Overeating and eating the wrong things is a HARD habit to break. 
  • Since Passionfruit has become a pay service, I've switched to Adproval. I've gotten it partially set up. They also do ad swaps, which is pretty much all I do right now anyway. I've got some other work I need/want to do on my blog, but haven't gotten around to it. I think it's time for a color/font/layout change.
  • My birthday is this month and I can't think of what I want to do to celebrate. It's on a Saturday, so I figured I have to do SOMETHING. I'm also working on my birthday wish list. Post coming soon, just in case one of your lovelies want to get me something. *wink wink*
  • So much to do...I better get back to my to do list...after I write it first of course.

reading - The Program by Suzanne Young
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Breonna said...

Woo for October birthdays! Oh man it would be so great to sit and read forever.

Simply Evani said...

Birthday monthhhhhh woo hoo! Also I get coupons CONSTANTLY for fabric around town. Lemme know if I can help buy anything for the quilts!