Tuesday, October 1, 2013

october goals and a september recap

It's my BIRTHDAY...month. I'm not really one of those people that counts down to my birthday. Not anymore at least. I think I used to do it. I've blocked all those memories out though. It's the last quarter of the year. Holidays are coming and then it'll be a new year and we'll start all over again and the months will fly by again and then it'll be my birthday again. OMG! Okay I'll stop. Ha!

1/2 price sushi...the little things

  • focus on weightlifting - Even though I haven't made it to the gym as often as I would have liked I have been working with weights more. I've even added a few extra machines/weights. I surprised myself the other day when I was using the leg press. I had more weight on it than I thought I did and did fine. I'm making progress. I usually feel rushed on days I go to the gym. I'm working on not feeling so rushed so I can spend more time working out and getting done what I'd like to get done. - 1
  • make lavender vanilla extract - I made lavender extract, hibiscus extract and the vanilla extract is still in the works. I didn't realize that vanilla extract took 2 months to make. Oops. I made some cupcakes using the lavender extract. The flavor wasn't that powerful, so I'll try again and use more extract. I might even add more buds to the jar to see if I can make it a more powerful extract. Now all I need to do is find a bottle to store them in. The jars don't really work well with the wide mouths. Every time I go to open them I think it's all going to spill out on me. That'd be no bueno. - 1
  • track spending on the little things - at the end of the month all those little things I've spent money on sure have added up. I could've bought myself a new phone, paid off my credit card bill, bought a new sewing machine or just saved a nice chunk of money with what I spent on what I think was mostly eating out. time to make some budgetary changes and start cutting out spending on these little things. -1
It feels good to be at 100% this month with 3/3 goals completed. I feel like it's been a long time since I've gotten all my goals accomplished. It feels good to know I'm accomplished something. I actually got my goals ready before the 1st of the month this month. How did that happen? Look at me, I'm on the ball. Let's have a look...

Since my birthday is on a Saturday this year I feel obligated to celebrate by actually doing something like going out with friends. I normally just head up to Chicago for the day and spend my birthday this year, but I don't like going up there on the weekends...too many people. I'll have to go to Chicago another time. Might not be until next year unless I can find time off before black Friday...or find a new job that's NOT in the retail sector.

With the holidays upon us I'm busy getting my consignment shops restocked and enough stuff ready for the holiday pop up shop. I shop to sell out everywhere this year. That's the dream. I think it's possible. I'll be using the proceeds to buy more fabric for the 100 Quilts project.

What are your goals this month? Grab the button below, leave your link in the comments section. Let's get some stuff done.

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reading - Not in Kansas Anymore by Christine Wicker
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April Christine said...

I really need to do what you do here with these goal things. Life is so much less complicated when you actually sit down and list everything and tackle your goals one thing at a time. Kudos for 3/3! Hope you find something fun to get into for your birthday! ^_^

Jen said...

Yay for your birthday month! :)

Angie said...

You did good on your goals. Hope October is just as productive for you!

Simply Evani said...

Oh goodness I love sushi. I wish you lived here so we could have sushi all the time! Also FYI, now that I have my own place, you have somewhere to crash in Northern CA. Just a thought :)