Thursday, February 6, 2014

crafty mother fucker - a glasses display and quilt holder

If you follow me on instagram then you've probably already seen one of my latest crafty projects. I've had these idea floating around in my head for some time, but kept putting it off. Then the other day I was in my kitchen irritated about not having space for some of my smaller appliances so I got online and started looking up how to make a kitchen cart and pricing wood.

Pricing wood reminded me that I wanted to make a rack for my glasses and then I had to make a trip to Lowe's. I love this little rack. I don't have to open up every glasses case to find the pair of glasses that I want to wear. They're all on display and easy to choose from.

I'm not finished with this piece yet though. I think I want to stain it an espresso color and maybe secure the  sides with nails. I had a couple people mention that I need to list these on etsy and I just might. The nice thing is that you can either hand it on the wall like a picture frame or just lean it against the wall.

The other project I worked on I found while looking for plans to make an end table. The original piece was used to hold up kids art. I looked at it and realized that it'd be perfect for holding up my quilts when I need to photograph them. Much nicer than having to use tape. I painted my strip of wood a dark teal and then glued on some clothes pins. I attached it to my wall with poster tape since I'm not sure what these walls are made of.  I think I might make a smaller version for my kitchen. It could also be used to hold towels in your bathroom or scarves and other light clothing items.

I'm still working on plans for my kitchen cart. I know I can a metal or plastic one for about $20, but I'd really like one made out of wood that I can customize. I already have plans for my end table/printer holder, but I have to work on the numbers since the plans I found are shorter than what I need.

I'm really enjoying working with wood. I wish I had a garage so that I can buy some wood working tools and have a space that I don't have to vacuum and clean up right away when I'm working. Also, I want a tiny house. Random.

reading - Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia
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Rima said...

uh yeahhhh have it up on etsy!!! love it!

Simply Evani said...

You should totally sell that glasses holder. I only have 1 pair of glasses (I really should expand...) but I totally need some sort of solution for the crazy pile of necklaces on my counter... if you come up with any wood work crafty solutions to that, let me know! :)