Friday, February 14, 2014

i'm next?

Today I was downtown selling Valentine cards at the Indy City Market and in honor of Valentine's Day the Mayor held a vow renewal ceremony. After it ended a young lady who had participated in the ceremony stopped by and gave me her bouquet. I figure that just like catching the bouquet. I guess the Universe better get to work then. Ha! It was very sweet of her to give me her flowers and it made me smile. That and a text conversation I was immersed in.

In other news, more snow today, but next week...50+ degree weather!!! Yay!!! I'm normally a pretty positive person. Well at least I think I am, but lately I've been kind of bummed. I hate to blame it on the weather, but the weather has been a huge downer here lately. Super cold temps have kept me inside and while inside I've not wanted to do much at all. I'm usually not bothered by the cold weather, but I'm just about ready for spring. Or another vacation. How are you guys (who live in cold weather areas) feeling about the winter this year? Has it got you a bit bummed?

I can't think of anything else that's going on lately. Just making stuff to sell and slowly...slowly purging my apartment. I will leave you with this kickstarter campaign for Period Panties. Hilarious!!! I had to back it even after they already reached their goal. I want to collect them all.

reading - Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia
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Jen said...

I am so happy with warm weather!