Friday, February 28, 2014

is you happy? - a list

  • I saw a few of my friends on FB posting pictures tagged #100happydays and decided to do a little investigating and then went ahead on jumped on the bandwagon myself. 100 Happy Days is a challenge to share one thing that makes you happy each day for 100 days. I like that it makes you find things that make you happy. Even little things like postcards or mail from friends. (Hint, hint: I love mail, if you ever want to send me something go for it.)
  • House of Cards may have ruined Scandal for me. This weeks comeback episode was meh.
  • I want a cat...and a dog.
  • I had to pack up my apartment this week so they could spray for bugs. I probably threw out 6 bags of clothing and other random stuff that I no longer had use for and it felt good. There's so much more to throw out. I haven't bothered to unpack anything because I like how empty my apartment looks. My goal is to go through every box and see what else I can trash/donate/sell. I'm also rearranging my apartment since it's been the same for almost 4 years.
  • I want to live in a tiny house.
  • Why can't taxes do themselves? I've got plans for my refund, but I'm procrastinating.

  • This happened yesterday. I'd been waiting like a whole week for the bananas to get brown so I could make a banana bread cake with chocolate chips and as I was pulling my hand out of the oven I accidentally open the clip on my spring form pan and the next thing you know batter is drip, drip, dripping. So sad. I yelled no in despair. I almost wanted to cry.
  • So many ideas, so little money and time. I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish and had a good start and now...excuses, excuses.
  • My body needs to behave. I don't know what I did, but I woke up one morning with a sharp pain in my middle back when I inhaled. It's making it hard to sleep through the night. I was fine for a day in a half and then the pain came back shortly after I jogged to catch the bus. Anything that causes me to take a deep breath I try to avoid or I end up holding my breath or taking shallow breaths and feel like I'm suffocating. This sucks because I just started going back to the gym and have had to skip this week. I need to get all my paper work together so I can head over to the clinic and get checked out.
  • Two months left for me to get my passport renewed according to the goal I set for myself. Another reason for me to file my taxes ASAP.
  • When someone promises they'll never hurt I don't like it. You never know what actions or words will hurt someone. Maybe if you said you'd never intentionally hurt them. It's just a hard promise to keep. (This has nothing to do with anything that has happened to me, it's just something I've seen on tv and reading a lot lately.)
  • I got another new pair of glasses from a new company. Review to come when I dig out my camera and move all the boxes.
  • We're supposed to get ANOTHER snow/ice storm this weekend. It's nice and sunny outside right now. I might be ready for spring.
reading - Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia
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Rima said...

oh hi grand canyon postcard :)
i really need to start selling/throwing out some stuffs. my room is getting ridiculous!