Wednesday, March 5, 2014

let it go

I have a rant, but I'm trying not to put more negativity out into the world right now. Also, I feel like crap. I'm guessing I'm getting sick or I'm sick already and I'm just in denial. Probably the latter.

I have a few thing I've wanted to write about, but no motivation.

My apartment is still mostly packed up because I am the great procrastinator. I kind of like it all packed it up. Very minimalist, washing and wearing the same clothes (the only things I really wear right now are my work uniform and pajamas). No messes and clutter everywhere to bug the shit out of me.

I'm enjoying #100happydays. Even though I have shitty moments, it's easy to find something every day to be happy about it. Sometimes you have to look for those moments, but they're there. Me and the Universe could use a good heart to heart.

If you follow me in Instagram then you saw this picture a week or so ago. Yeah, new glasses. I planned on writing a review, but there were snags when ordering and I don't think it was a typical transaction so I don't want to base my review on that transaction. I plan to order another and then write a review. In the meantime if you want to check them out, I ordered them from Ozeal Glasses*. You can use the code NEWFEB50 for half off. They offer free shipping and free lenses.

*Yes, that is an affiliate link.
reading - Hollow City by Ransom Riggs
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Hippopotamuslee said...

I'm with you on the wanting-to-rant-but-wanting-to-stay-positive front! I filter everything and usually end up reserving all my ~feelings~ for offline. Hope you feel better soon though!