Monday, April 7, 2014

"God loves you, but I don't." and other things

  • And that is just one of my neighbors ladies and gentlemen. This is by far the best message I've seen on this man's door. They are usually along the lines of do not knock on my door. He also posts Happy [insert current holiday here]! So he's not a complete grump.
  • I've slowly started to unpack my apartment again and have gotten back into sewing. I finished another quilt top for #100quilts100kids AND I finally decided on how I wanted to label the quilts and ordered the labels. Yay! I'm still working on funding more quilts. If you're feeling generous, click the hashtag.
  • March 30th marked 3 years at my current job (only 2 of us from the original 15 are still around). I think that is the longest I've ever worked at one place. That's a long time to work a retail job. I treated myself to a big LEGO set, The Simpsons House. I completed it Saturday night. It took me about 6 hours to complete. I don't really have any place to put it. I should've thought about that before I started putting it together.
  • A year ago I was in California meeting up with Rima, Evani and Gabby, celebrating Rima's birthday with her and going to Disneyland for the first time. This trip needs to happen again. I'm already thinking about the sushi, ramen, walking on the beach, riding the rides and all that other good stuff.
  • Not only does that trip need to happen, but I think I want to buy a car. Finally. I've been looking into ways to save money and I think I've settled on opening a SmartyPig account. I have a savings account, but I find that it's super easy for me to transfer money back into my checking account whenever I want. *whispers* If you're thinking about saving up for a trip or something and decide to use SmartyPig, let me know so I can send you a referral code. 
  • I think that a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon would taste delicious on a fresh waffle. I have to make this happen some how. This week. I might settle for a packaged waffle, but not the frozen kind.
  • Procrastination is real in these streets. I still haven't done my taxes yet. I started them, but I haven't finished them up yet. I have no excuse. I could use the money to pay off some bills and replace some things AND start saving up for my trip and a car. But it's not really enough motivation.
  • I was totally disappointed with the How I Met Your Mother finale. Very uncharacteristic actions of the characters. When the commercials come on for the syndicated episodes I get a little upset because it makes me think about the finale. I'm also starting to lose interest in Scandal. Fitz is a blamer and pretty much everything he says makes me want to wipe boogers on his face. I also don't understand everyone's hatred for Quinn. *shrugs*
  • "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you"
  • The Universe and I need to have a sit down. I also think I might need to reread The Secret and The Alchemist.
  • I also need to get to work on these 12 things for 2014. I mean, it is already April. Another example of how much of a procrastinator I am.
  • A huge Happy Birthday to Rima of Bolu by Rima, Lesley of Yessiree Petunia and Cool Hand Lex (who doesn't have a blog that I know of)! I know a lot of people who share the same birthday.

reading - Wise Acres: The Seventh Circle of Heck by Dale Basye
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Jen said...

Haha that note has me cracking up!

Angie said...

Ha Ha- I love your neighbor!

Breonna said...

Love the sign.
You know how I felt about the HIMYM finale. I'm starting to feel annoyed with Scandal too. Reminds me of when I quit Grey's Anatomy because of Izzy and the ghost. Just stick with what made the show good at the beginning.