Wednesday, April 23, 2014

how is that possible - a list

  • Mother's Day is coming. I've been procrastinating with the card making and the promoting of Mother's Day cards. Forever a procrastinator. In the end I get things done, but it'd be less stressful if I just did things ahead of time. One day I'll learn.
  • I changed my mind on the fabric I want to use to make a dress from the Staple Dress pattern I have and told myself that I have to sell enough cards to cover the cost of fabric so I need to go ahead and get on the making and selling of cards. (Need a card? Let me know. *wink, wink*)
  • I just realized that as of April 8th, I've been single for 15 years. Seems weird that's it's been that long. Then again it's hard to believe I've been out of college almost 10 years and out of high school for almost 17. Where did all the time go?
  • This week and last I've only had to work two days each week. You'd think I'd be getting lots of stuff done, but not so much. I pretty much feel like a bum. I have to do better.
  • Do you have lyft (click the link to get your first ride free) in your area? I've been testing it out this past couple of weeks. I love it. I'll be writing a review about it later. It really is like having a friend with a car.We also have some attractive drivers in my area.
  • As I expected, I won't be getting my refund from the state. Purdue snatched it up since I still owe them. I'm bummed because that money would've gone towards my Disney trip and new car, but I knew that is was probably going to happen.
  • The weather here has finally gotten more spring like. Last week we had snow. I won't be surprised if it decides to snow again in the middle of May or June. Mother Nature does whatever the fuck she wants to. She doesn't care about your plans.
  • I get my new sewing machine soon. I'm super duper excited. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube so that I know how to thread it and what not. It's different from my current machine. I have so many things I want to make. Quilts, a couple of dresses, a duffle bag, a maxi skirt, a tulle skirt, pillowcases and more. I'll be sewing up a storm. Be prepared to be flooded with crafty photos.
  • To procrastinate more I think I'm going to make some vanilla cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting or maybe some Nutella buttercream frosting. Anything to avoid doing what I should be doing.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Ward...ugh. That's all I have to say about that. I still need to see Captain America. I keep saying I'm going to go. 
  • Nothing else really to update on. I haven't really been doing anything terribly exciting.

reading - Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman
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Angie said...

I choose cupcakes over chores any day!