Monday, June 16, 2014

take me away to sunny LA - a list

pineapple basil nicey treat

  • Last week I found out that the first ever HelloKittyCon will be held in LA this year October 30 to November 2. That's just 4 days after my birthday. When I found out I thought I was going to lose my shit. I have to go. And I think it'd be the most awesome way to spend my birthday. Hello Kitty will be turning 40 and I'll be turning 35. We should celebrate together don't you think? I'd also get to see my girl, Rima. Unless she's on another one of her world adventures.
  • The tendonitis in my right arm has returned. This time on the right side of my wrist. It is of course my dominate arm. It makes doing a lot of things difficult, even super simple things like typing. I need to get a brace. Also, sunburn. I've got it bad. Saturday was a fun filled day spent outside NOT wearing sunscreen. I should know better, but it happens. It looks like I'm wearing a skin colored wrestling unitard. Lovely.
  • I've finally gotten around to selling a bunch of my craft stuff. I finally decided that photos taken with my phone would be fine and I took pictures of a ton of my stamping supplies and uploaded them to Two Peas in a Bucket to sell. I've sold quite a bit, but there's still a whole container to get through. I just want it all gone so I can pay some bills and move on. I also started a garage sale group on facebook to sell off other things. It's slow going since it's a small group.
  • Work is work. The kids are out of school now so we're getting a bit busier. I definitely appreciate my days off a lot more. 
  • I quit the gym a couple of weeks ago. I go walking at least 3 times a week. It's much easier for me to do and it's free. Also with the tendonitis in my arm it was hard to lift weights comfortably.
  • On the way to work last Saturday, I was standing at the bus stop and said to myself that I was going to either find $20, a gift card that would be useful to me or that someone was going to give me a gift card that would be useful to me. Then as I was walking into work I happened to look down and found a $20 bill on the ground. I love the way the Universe works. It was very much a needed win and a reminder to put my thoughts out there and believe that they will happen.
  • Quilts are coming along. I need a whole bolt of white fabric. I've got bits of white from different companies, but not all white fabric is created equal. There are a lot of new fabrics coming out the summer that I'd love to have. I've got a lot of wants/needs right now. I need to get some stuff made and sold.
  • I enjoyed a lot of good food this past weekend. A crabby patty, a kimchi taco, a BLT with mozzarella and avocado, a goat cheese and roasted bell peppers on foccacia, mango hibiscus sorbet, a pineapple basil popsicle, a not so hot chocolate popsicle.  I want more of all of it.

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Rima said...

look at that sexy bike.
and yes please do come to LA!