Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another Day Another Dollar

So this weekend was pretty boring.  I got up both days before 7AM.  What's up with that?  I do end up getting SOME stuff done, but not much.  Got my grocery shopping done and my first paycheck deposited in the bank.  Yeah, that money won't be in the bank long because I've got lots o' bills, bills, bills.  They just never end.

It rained all day Sunday.  ALL DAY.  Now I love when it rains, it's good nap weather but it rained so much I thought it was going to flood and I started to freak out.  I need to look into renter's insurance or something just incase.  It's on my list, but I doubt it'll ever get done.  Just like getting health insurance, making an eye appointment, going to the dentist, etc.  I also dyed my hair Blue Black Sunday night.  I most definitely should've waited  I was so tired a I did a horribile job and I messed up the carpet.  There goes my security deposit.  Hopefully at some point I can get the sucker fixed.

The work week has been the same of schtuff.  Gotta start looking for another job though.  This one looks like it'll only last until mid July and then won't start back up again until October.  If I had enough money I'd stick it out not working until then.  But we know that bills, bills, bills will just pile up and we can't have that.

On another note, yesterday was a good mail day.  I rec'd Gwen Stefani's CD in the mail and I rec'd my cable/internet refund from my old place.  Woo hoo, that'll go to pay my new cable bill.  Now all I'm waiting on is my security deposit from my old place (I better be getting something back) and the $100 referral from Rent.com.

Other than that, nothing exciting.  Oh I'm sick of seeing couples.  Happy, cutesy, barftastic couples.  Blah.  Eh, I'm just a tad bit jealous.  I wish I had someone to hug and cuddle.  I've forgotten what a hug is like, what's a hug like, quick someone describe it to me...please.

ETA:  I just reread that last paragraph and wanted to say I'm not wanting to be a part of a couple, I'm just lonely and miss all my friends and the hugs we share.  LOL...I think that sounds...not right...I just need a hug.

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