Friday, June 24, 2005

We Don't Talk Anymore

I've come to the realization that we (as in Lewis and Clark) don't talk anymore or at least not as much as we used to. We used to talk almost every freakin' day and now I'm lucky if I receive a call or email once a week. Now I understand that I tend to fall asleep early these days, but come on. I'm usually still up at 9PM. I also know that I could call more too, but ummm...I do call and no one answers.Enough about that though...

Work is work, nothing exciting going on, we're just chugging along having a good time. In a week or so I'll be out of a job and I'll have to start looking for something else. I'll miss the people I've met, there are some pretty decent people their amongst the crazies.

What else...I'd like to express some feelings about this guy at work, but I have no idea if one day he'll run across my oh so public blog and ready what I've said. So I'll say this...boy, you've got me so confused, what's going on with you? I'm hoping I can get this all figured out before our last day of work. You readers out there if you'd like to know what's going on drop me an email.

In other news, there's a centipede running around my apartment and I don't know where. It's giving me the heebie jeebies and anything that touches me freaks me out. But where ever it is, it smells good because at the time the only thing I could find to spray it with was Febreze.

Blah...blah...blah...I'm tired. Doubt the weekend will be exciting. I do know it's going to be hot though. Anyway, I'm going to watch TV. Maybe fall asleep. Maybe watch Hitch or The Notebook. We'll see.

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