Thursday, June 9, 2005

Clark is Banned

From the Sunday to Thursday from the hours of 11PM to 6AM Clark is banned from calling and text messaging me UNLESS there's an emergency (ie. choking on bacon).

I know I can just not answer my phone or put it on vibrate or even turn it off all together (not going to happen).  But for some reason I'm very sensitive to the sound of any sound my phone makes as well as the opening of any door in my apartment.  It wakes me up and when I wake up, I'm up and it'll be a few hours/minutes before I'm able to fall back asleep.  Funny enough I can sleep right through a thunderstorm and the TV and what not.

Clark if you're reading this and I know you are.  Take note, don't call/text message unless it's an emergency.  I ain't mad at ya.  It was nice to talk to you and catch up, but I'm tired and now must fight sleep while at work.

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