Wednesday, August 3, 2005

It's August Already

I don't know why it hadn't quite dawned on me that it's August already. Time sure does fly.
Not much going on with me right now. Let's see...

Monday, Monday...met up with my ex's parents who are in town from Germany for a bit. Although I'm grown now or at least I feel I am (heck I pay rent, pay my own bills, etc. I'm entitled to say I'm grown) them I'm still just a baby girl and will always be a baby girl. It's been 6 years since their son broke up with me and I am still their daughter even though we haven't spoken/seen each other in 4 or 5 years, weird I know...but it's complicated...not really, but I like to say it is. I actually love the expression on people's faces when they introduce me as their daughter (you see we are not of the same race and you can see the wheel turning in people's minds trying to comprehend the concept...hey maybe I was adopted.) LOL. I also went swimming on Monday...had to work on my tan a bit.

Tuesday...a whole lot of nothing. Went to Karaoke...that was fun as always. It's Karaoke and a Comedy show all wrapped into one.

Today...again a whole lot of nothing. Suffered in the heat walking to the bank. Cleaned the kitchen, cooked, took out the trash...oh and tried to do some more self portraits. I really need to find someone to do the portraits for me. It's too much trouble trying to figure out how the photos going to look on the other side.

Hopefully the week will get better. I'm in the dancing mood or at least the going out and having fun mood.

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