Friday, September 2, 2005

I Got In

...well that was easy. Just received a call from the Academy of Art University and I'm ready to register for classes for the Spring semester. Apparently anyone who has the desire to go, can. Glad that was nice and easy. Now all I need to do is get in touch with my HS to get my transcript. That will be no easy task. College transcript on the other hand...easy peasy, they're right down the road. Oh and since this is my second Bachelor's degree I get to do the streamlined track and don't have to take any of the liberal arts classes like Narrative Writing and such. Strictly the Graphic Design classes and what not that are required for the degree. Woo hoo, I'll be saving some money and time.

I'm not going to register just yet because I'm waiting to see what financial aid is going to look like. Hopefully they'll help out a bit. For now I'll probably only take two classes a semester to start so that'll be $3500+. Must find out what software and such I'll need. Let's hope there's some good discounts out there. Hopefully my 3 year old computer can handle it. Might need a larger hard drive as well. Yay!!! I'm on my where's that list so I can start working on some other stuff.

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