Wednesday, September 7, 2005

It's Finally Here

After two weeks and three phone calls, actually make that four phone calls, my new Epson RX500 Printer/Scanner/Copier is here. FedEx and I are no longer friends. One of the distribution centers for Epson is here in Indianapolis. It really shouldn't have taken two weeks for my new love to arrive. Actually the first time I tracked it, it was delivered the next day. But not to me, it was delivered or at least signed for back at the distribuation center. Tell me does that make sense? I didn't think so. I talk to the lovely Customer Service ladies and they reship it. It never arrives. It appears they delivered it back to the distribution center again. Come on now, twice. I talk to the lovely ladies at Customer Service again. They reship again, but of course it won't ship until after the holiday weekend and they will call me Tuesday morning to verify that everything is kosher. No call on Tuesday. I call today and it shipped this morning but is not showing up as being on the truck for delivery but a guaranteed delivery by 3PM.

Lo and behold shortly after I get off the phone with Customer Service there's a knock at my door. Guess who it really guess. FedEx, my now sworn enemy, with my new toy.

Big Bertha (yeah, she takes up almost 1/3 of my desk) is now set up, installed and has already printed and copied her first few items. So far I love her and since she takes up so much space on the desk maybe that means I won't have such a messy desk with papers since there isn't anywhere to put them.

Now I must fill out my rebate forms so I can get my $100 back and my other scanner and printer need a new home. Must find software and manuals. Wish me luck.

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