Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm Home and I Wish I Wasn't

I'm home from a most wonderful trip to Atlanta, even if the weather was rainy most all of the time. Where should we begin?

We embarked on our adventure leaving Indianapolis at about 10:45AM in a lovely, spacious silver Dodge Stratus. A pit stop was made at Burker King because I needed to be fed. I'm not very nice when I'm not fed at a decent hour. It took us about 7.5 hours to get there, traffic wasn't too bad, but if you ask AB there were too many idiots on the road. I concur, if you're going to be in the fast lane...you should be going fast. We arrived a little before 6:45PM and promptly stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom because our hostess wasn't answering his phone and we really needed to empty the contents of our bladders. The bathroom was nasty, we got back in the car and headed to RH's house, knocked on the door, no answer. We had to pee...BAD...what to do? Found another gas station, handled our business and headed back to RH's who still wasn't home. I think we waited about 30-45 minutes for him to get home. When he finally arrived we all showered (not together, get your mind out of the gutter) and headed out to have some dinner at Six Feet Under. Nice little place with great food. Then we were off to D'Jango for a few drinks. While sitting at the bar a short man was ordering drinks and kept getting in the way of the television I was trying to see. I was getting a bit annoyed. A few minutes later AB leans over and says to me, you know that Ceelo Green don't you. I look at her, cock my head to the side and say, is it? You mean, "You the One Girl." She laughs. I'm oblivious to "celebs". They're just normal people to me. We sit for awhile longer and finish our beers and then head down stairs to hang out. My breathing is labored (those of you who know me know me and alcohol aren't best friends all the time) so we step out the back door for a bit to catch some fresh air. Shortly there after we are greeted by a good looking, drunk gentleman from Louisiana, we chat for a bit about this and that and then all head back inside. Not more than 5 mintues after sitting back down does Mr. Green sit down next to me and begins to talk and gesture wildly (hands in my face) to someone. I look over and I'm thinking, I wish this man would keep his hands out of my face, he peers over and gives me this look like I'm crazy and continues to gesture wildly. RH is falling asleep and we head home. As we put new sheets on the bed AB slipped on pillow that was on the floor. I fell to the floor laughing...yes, it was that funny.


I was rudely awakened by RH shaking me at 10AM...is he crazy...I'd say so...three rules: 1) Don't mess with my money, 2) Don't mess with my food, 3) Don't mess with my sleep. It's that simple. AB and I had some cereal (thought about going out, but heck, let's save money) and then showered and were about to leave when AB realized the car keys were in RH's car and RH was at a football game. Fortunately we didn't have to wait too long for his return. We then headed out to shop. We ended up meeting up with AB's friends who were also in town and went to eat at R Thomas a nice little healthy eatery. Very good, would definitely recommend it, will have to eat there again. Then it was off through Saturday traffic to walk aroun Lenox Square, where I met up with a friend from HS Mr. JY. We only got to talk for a minute, but it was still nice to see him. There was a Keisha Cole sighting...I only saw her out the corner of my eye and then just the back of her head when I turned around. AB noticed her and said she's little, like little little. Then AB and I headed back to RH's to chill out. We sat around for a minute and then headed out to dinner at Mulligan's famous for the HamDog and the Luther (seen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno). I wasn't adventurous enough to try either, plus I had a burger earlier in the day. (The Luther is a bacon cheeseburge on a Krispy Kreme donut.) Then we detoured back home to change so we could head out to The Mark (RH knows all the good places to go in ATL). We met up with AB's friends, danced and had a good time. Someone's cousin dubbed me White Chocolate. *smh* That's all I can do. Then it was time for home and sleep.


RH wakes us up again, but we fall back asleep for 2 hours. Get up, get showered and dressed and head out to IHOP for lunch. We got lost trying to find it. Then we hit up Atlantic Station to shop. I still bought nothing. Had some Cold Stone Ice Cream. Met another MySpace addict. MySpace is just everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Then we went to Publix and bought food for dinner. Sunday was a stay in and chill night. Went back to RH's...watched TV...cooked...ate....packed...and went to sleep.

We woke up late Monday, but still left on time. It was a great trip and I can't wait to go back.

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