Sunday, April 23, 2006


It seems I'm always tired. I don't know what it is. I'm currently blaming it on the changing of the seasons. All the sun streaming in my windows is too much for me. I haven't gotten used to it. I go outside for a few minutes to take out the trash or something and I come back in feeling quite drained. I take a little nap and I'm still tired. It's the sun I tell you, the sun. Although it could also be I don't have the best sleep pattern. I fall asleep at night and two hours later I wake up for no good reason. In the event I fall back asleep in a timely manner I may wake up a few more times and I ALWAYS wake up an hour before my alarm goes off. I tried sleeping pills a long time ago. Nothing. I really wish I knew what the cause of this was as it's quite annoying. I fear for the day when I'm just so tired I snap and bite someone's head off.Okay so this was a nothing post, I just wanted to post and couldn't think of anything. But I really do have a sleep/tired issue. Also seems I can't stand the smell of certain foods and condiments anymore. These things all seem to go hand in hand with regards to timing. What's really going on? And before you say it's because _'_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . I'm pretty sure that's not it. Don't go there. I'll hurt you.

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