Thursday, May 4, 2006

Still Recovering...Sorta

This past weekend was the BEST.WEEKEND.EVER. In celebration of my half birthday that was on the 26th. Half birthday you ask? LOL. More like an excuse to go out and party.I took Friday off and did a lil' shopping...that's always fun. Spent the evening at home relaxing. AB informed me that we had an appt. Saturday at 3PM. Wouldn't give me any clues as to what it was about. I'm thinking pedicures or piercings.One-thirty rolls around and we are off to our appt. We head downtown and drive past Conseco Fieldhouse and I notice there's a game about to start (I thought it was supposed to be an evening game) and wonder out loud who the Pacers are playing. AB turns to me and says she knows and she's not telling because it doesn't matter because we are going to the game. Very nice surprise as I had been wanting to catch a Pacers game. They lost, but it was still a good time.

Later on in the evening we got all dolled up and hit the town. Boobage was in full force. Had a few drinks and danced. Even though it was just the two of us we still had a blast. We ended the night with a sandwich from Jimmy John's at 3AM. Perfect end to a perfect evening.

Sunday I had lunch with DE. Most enjoyable. Three hours of talking, joking around and text messaging while sitting right in front of each other. It reminded me of the standing appt. that Clark and I used to share where we'd have a pitcher and a pie, we'd shoot the breeze and I'd make Clark drink the whole pitcher by himself and then send him off to class.

Also enjoyed a long conversation Sunday night with a new possible.

Been on the go since Monday morning. Work...out after work...home in time to shower and fall in the bed only to wake up and do it all over again. Today was the first day I didn't have anything to do after work...but tomorrow...more to do. I've been tired...but enjoying all the being out and about and a little excited to see where things go with the new possible.


Thought it might be appropriate to add a photo of Saturday evening, courtesy of AB. This has been dubbed my Capt'n Morgan stance.

Please note: Both of those drinks are not mine. I rarely, if ever carry a "purse" or "dress up". That shirt is actually a dress...but obviously too short to be a dress for me. And yes, I know I've got a nice Thankyouverymuch.

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