Sunday, June 4, 2006


Okay so this post is about a week late...but guess what...I don't care. I guess we can start our update with last Friday.Friday AB and I went to Radio Radio to partake in musical talents of DJ Limelight who happened to be playing at an event sponsored by Old Soul Entertainment. We had a great time. Lots of good music; he played songs from before I was born to stuff from when I was in middle school (Iesha) to a little bit of the current stuff. It was rather refreshing as I mentioned to DJ Limelight a few days later via MySpace. It was a non-smoking event which made it all the more better. No nasty sticky smoke smell that I so loathe.Saturday was AB and I's weekly lunch date. We had mediterranean cuisine at Khoury's Mediterranean Island. Good stuff. I had lamb kabobs w/ Greek style potatoes. Then we were off to her cousins house to babysit some rugrats for a couple of hours. Talk about tiring work...and all we did for the most part was sit around. We headed home around nine something and no sooner did I sit down did AB call me to go back out to see her friend rap at a local bar. (It was okay. Something to do really.) Then we went down town to see what was going on since it was race weekend.Sunday we hung our at AB's cousin's place again for a BBQ/birthday party. Good fun, good eats.Monday I went and got my hair done. Time for a change. Four hours and this is what we've got. I love it. Not the color I was going for, but it works well none the less. I wasn't expecting such a drastic hair cut either. But if you know me, you know that I think of it as only hair that will eventually grow back. I've been told it makes my eye color pop more and works well w/ my skin tone. Of course I think I look a little pasty here...but in real life I've got a nice tan going on.Tuesday is was back to work on a new project. Lots of new people to deal with. That's always fun.Friday went to watch the Heat win at Champps.Saturday lunch on the south side of town at Decadent by Design and hanging out at the mall.Which brings us to today. Sat at the pool and cleaned a little bit. So exciting ay? Not really too much else going on. Just trying to hang out and enjoy the warm weather. Currently looking for a new job and working on some goals.I'm hoping to get into the habit of writing more often. Maybe not every day, but hopefully once or twice a week. I know I'm not quite that interesting...but interesting enough for me. Hey, maybe something exciting will finally happen w/ my dating life and I can bore you all with that. Otherwise carry on.Lif

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