Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm Working 9 to 5

Okay, so not really because I got fired on Thursday. For the most part it's okay. It was a seasonal position and I was becoming content in with the situation and unmotivated to look for a regular job. So it was actually a pretty good thing I was fired. Another thing was that it gave me the courage to talk to and give my phone number to a gentleman that I had had my eye on. He said he'd call, we shall see.

The job hunt officially starts tomorrow. The past few days I've done some minor searching, but I've been takin' it easy just because I'm still just the slightest bit bummed out by all of it. But in the mean time if anyone knows of a position where I can stay home and sit on my computer and make money, please send the information my way. Or if you just want to contribute to "I Still Need to Eat and Have a Place to Live Foundation" I'll gladly except any and all donations. Otherwise, go play in traffic.

In other news, the weekend has been fairly uninteresting. I stayed home ALL day Friday. Saturday I had the usual lunch with AB. We went to Bahama Breeze. It was sextastic. Definitely on my list of places to revisit. A college buddy was supposed to come down and stay for the day, but his plans kept changing and in the end, he ended up staying home. That was a bummer. I can't remember the last time he visited and I was looking forward to hanging out and spending an evening on the town w/ him. I suppose since it's ugly and wet outside I'm going to spend the rest of the day inside motivating myself to work on some projects that I haven't gotten to in forever and also rummage through all my junk and see what I can sell. I've been meaning to do a good purge and now I really have a reason.

Hmmm...well that is all...carry on.

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