Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday Monday

I'm really just posting just to post today. How about a recap of last week since I really don't have much to say since life has been pretty dull w/ all this job hunting and what not.

Monday: Looked for a job and realized I needed to update my resume. Quit looking for a job and sent my resume to a friend to have her spice it up. Former coworker from previous post who I gave my phone number to came over and we stood out in front of my apartment for an hour and talked. Would like to spend more time talking to him...but...he's separated, not sure how I feel about that. Went w/ AB and her mother to look at houses. Ran amok in a few of the model homes and rearranged a few things and baked cookies. Nothing like walking into a house that smells of fresh baked cookies.

Tuesday: No idea what I did. Probably nothing. Wait I think AB and I went walking.

Wednesday: Lounged at the pool and worked on my tan.

Thursday: Went downtown and window shopped. Got my resume back and uploaded it online.

Friday: Had an early lunch with JM. Lounged at the pool again. Decided I probably don't need anymore sun for a few more days. Expecting nose to peel in a few days. Went walking w/ DP and Ralphie. Hung out at home on a Friday nigh (lame).

Saturday: Weekly lunch w/ AB. Venue of the week: PF Chang's, not bad. Friend from college came to visit for real this time, went out. Eh, it was okay.

Sunday: Hung out w/ AB at TT's house while she slept all day. Talked to DW, we've never met and when I haven't talked to him for a few weeks I actually miss him. Weird.

Which brings us to today. Nothing too exciting. Was going to go out but it's raining. Applied for about 4 jobs. Rec'd many emails about job opportunities...of which I deam them opportunities of last resort as they are all jobs that deal w/ sales and/or marketing. Blech. It's currently 2 in the afternoon and I have yet to shower...but will do so shortly even though I'll just be sittin' at home all day. Man this sucks. I have nothing else to add. Let's hope this blog doesn't get too boring. If it does ya'lls can send me topics to write about. Thanks I appreciate it.

Carry on.

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