Friday, July 14, 2006

On the Road Again

That post I should've written two weeks ago.

Fourth of July weekend was fantabulous AB invited me to spend the weekend at her father's house with her in Ft. Wayne at their annual BBQ. We left Friday and while on the road AB made sure to warm me that her family is quite entertaining...and that they were. Friday evening was spent chatting and drinking. The alcohol was flowing and the conversation was comedy...even before the drinking began. At one point Grandma C asked what the neighbors were doing across the street and R said they were installing a deck around the house. Grandma C then exclaims that's gonna be a big DICK, but the hilarity of it was that no one really caught it but me. I was siting about 7 or 8 feet away pretty much in my own world, looked over and thought...she didn't just say that. Grandma C stopped talking thinking no one noticed. Everyone else stopped and looked at her and then caught what she said after she confirmed it. We busted out laughing. Grandma C was in tears.

Saturday was BBQ day, we spent the morning preparing food. AB and I were put on deviled egg duty, peeling and cutting the eggs so that R could later make the stuff and we could restuff them. We were unsuccessful and vowed never to do the eggs again. We couldn't get them to peel nicely and then cutting them in half was a disaster. After that D ended up stuffing them for us while we cut tomatos and onions. The BBQ was sextastic. Lots of people, lots of talking, lots of music, lots of alcohol. Mid BBQ pretty much all the ladies piled into a couple of cars to go shopping, that's women for ya and then we all later ended up in what I called the playhouse dancing. (I dubbed it the playhouse because when AB and I pulled up Friday it looked like a mini house that kids would play in.)

AB, D and I ended up going out Saturday night at the last minute. It was okay. D ended up meeting someone so we headed to IHOP for a late night snack so that they could talk more. The sun was beginning to rise and the birds were beginning to chirp when we finally got in in the morning. And since we were stuck sleeping in the living room we only got a few hours of sleep. Although after breakfast and showers AB and I passed out for a few more hours on the couch.

We hung out chatting and what not some more. Waiting patiently on D's new friend to stop by so the family could check him out and then we got on the road and headed home.

Got home, unpacked and repacked to head out the next morning to Chicago, I don't think we were even home a full 12 hours before heading back out on the road.

We arrived in Chicago mid afternoon. AB checked us into the hotel and when we walked into the room...blech. The room smelled of urine. We sat for a few minutes, couldn't stand it and decided to switch rooms. The second room was much better, hint of smoke, but better than urine. We decided to hit the mall for some air freshner and then head into downtown Chicago for the Taste.

At the mall AB decided to hit up GNC for some Vitamin C for her throat. The sales associate randomly asked if I was mixed, I replied and went about my browsing. While checking out he kept looking at me, which made me uncomfortable to the point that I decided to finally walk towards the entrance to wait for AB to finalize her transaction. Sort of spur of the moment we decided to get our ears pierced. This was the third time I've had my cartiledge pierced.

We then hit downtown Chicago. We followed the masses to where the Taste was being held. We arrived and it was packed like a can of sardines...and it didn't help that it was hot. We met up w/ one of AB's friends and talked for a bit and then headed to Giardano's for some delicious pizza. When we left the pizza place it just so happened to be the end of the fireworks show and downtown was crowded once again. We headed back to the hotel to chill out w/ the possibility of going back out, but ended up being too tired and fell asleep.

The next day we had planned on going back to the taste, but decided against it. We really didn't feel like fighting the crowds. Instead we had breakfast w/ AB's friend at IHOP and then headed downtown to walk around and window shop. The Apple Store was heaven and Niketown sucked. Hot and tired we headed to ES place to stop in and say hey before heading back home.

It was a pretty good trip. Short but good. I love road tripping, it's always fun and you never know what's going to happen. I really just wish that we could road trip all summer, but darn the pesky money situation. I might have to start a road trip fund.

So now we're caught up w/ up to the fourth. Not much else has been going on, just looking for a job still and it sucks. This weekend is Black Expo weekend here so we're going to go out and party and what not. AB's friend from Chicago is coming down and bringing a friend. The friend said he wants to see me (met him in Chicago, seems nice.) If we have time to hang out, that's cool. See how many more men I meet this weekend with my new found pimp skills. LOL.

Oh and met a new friend on MySpace who shares the same birthday as me. Small world. He seems pretty cool and I enjoy the conversations we've had so far. Have actually met two new people on MySpace. Funny how easy it is to meet people online. But's time to start the weekend, I'll try to post Monday with the results of my adventures.

Carrying on.

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