Monday, July 3, 2006

War Wounds and Things Like That

I had intended to write this post before I left for the weekend but at some point I suppose I was just too tired and got side tracked.

Date No. 1, Tuesday: Went out w/ a former coworker, JM, our claim is that we're just friend and enjoy hanging out together. We've hung out a few times before, the conversation is good. We ended up having dinner at Applebee's, kidding and joking around as usual and then the check comes. We both no I'm unemployed w/ little extra money to spare. He says that he doesn't get paid until Friday. I get stuck with the check. I'm upset, but keep calm. We head out and check out Stein Mart to browse. Well this ASSHOLE drops twice what dinner was on a couple of shirts. WTF? Now I'm upset and let him know. (I still get heated thinking about it.) He later tells me he's worth any money spent. Fuck that shit. I'm still pissed at him. We go for a walk along a local trail and talk so more (at some point it comes out that I have plans on Wed/Thurs, I leave it at that plans), head home and hang out a little longer. At some point my neck is attacked and I'm left bruised (I don't notice until the morning). Just another reason to be upset with him. Have decided I'm not calling him until I can cool down a bit.

Date No. 2, Thursday: Original plans were for Wed. Went out with Mr. ED from my previous post. He suggested Applebee's or Chili's and seeing that I had Applebee's Tuesday I said Chili's, that and I hadn't eaten there since the early 90's. Dinner was good, we talked laughed, threatened each other w/ the silverware. Another former coworker was our waitress so she kept wanting to talk which mad the dinner a little more entertaining. It was still early when dinner ended but we didn't know what else to do so we came back to my apartment. I really don't like to let first dates into my apartment unless we've hung out more before hand. I let him know that and when he barged in I left the door open...for comfort and because I was being silly. We sat and talked some more for a little over and hour or so and then he headed home. Very intense personality, but still fun to hangout with.

I can't see being anything more than friends w/ either of them. Oh and the war wound had just about disappeared by the time I went out Thursday. I also decided to leave my hair down just in case. Oh and ED picked up the check, score 10 points for him.

Dating isn't too bad. I'm having fun with it. Never thought I'd be the type to be going out w/ two different people in one week. There will be more adventures to come and hopefully I'll meet someone that I'll want to go on more than one date with.

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