Wednesday, August 2, 2006

IBYTTSIAY - Automobile

Week One: If you drive, what kind of car do you have? What are its stats (make, model, year mileage, etc.)? When did you get it? Was it new or used? What's inside?
What radio stations do you listen to? What music do you rock out to? Is it messy? How does it reflect your personality/life?

Surprisingly enough I am not a liscensed driver. Which means I don't have a car. I don't have a permit either. I know. And quit looking at me like I'm crazy. And why would I start IBYTTSIAY with a topic like this...because...that's just me.

I have driven before though. And it's not that I don't want to get my liscense. It's just that right now my desire just isn't that strong. I have so many other things on my mind.

I didn't attempt to obtain my DL when I was a teen because when I was in high school and signed up for Driver's Ed the school put it on my schedule for first semester instead of second and I wasn't yet old enough to be in the class. I don't remember why they didn't try to fit it into my schedule second semester. My senior year I believe they changed the driving laws so that you had to be 18 to obtain a license. That wasn't going to work for me either.

It really wasn't a big deal though. Everywhere I needed to go, the bus went. And the bus was reliable enough and came frequently enough that it seemed pointless to spend time learning how to drive. After awhile though my dad did become annoyed with the fact that sometimes he still had to pick me up. (I should also mention that in our house driving was a privilege. Good grades = learning to drive. My brother had horrible grades and therefore never learned until he was out on his own. I on the other hand had good grades...but learning to drive really wasn't an incentive.)

When I got to college...again...the bus pretty much went everywhere I needed to go. I did get experience driving for the first time during my freshman year. I was staying at my ex's during spring break and his sister took me to a parking lot to drive around. I was nervous to say the list. Before this the most I'd ever done was start the car. I did okay. I drove again in the summer while staying living with friends. This time driving on actual roads with other cars on the road...scary. After that I didn't drive again for a couple of years because no one I knew well enough had a car on campus.

My best friend (BF) finally got a car and late one night after a night at the bars we drove all the way across town to Denny's to eat. But then decided not too. BF said're driving home. And I did. Luckily it was pretty much a straight shot home and I was fortunate enough to get mostly green lights. After that I thought I'd have more desire to learn...but I didn't.

Then one faithful morning after coming back from spring break my BF had to return the car we had rented and also needed to get his car out of the lot we left it in. No one else was around to help so I was recruited to drive his car to the rental myself. I was very reluctant to do this. Of course if I hadn't been alone in the car it wouldn't have been a big deal and I probably wouldn't have been so nervous...but I was. I was doing okay for a while and then I needed to signal, get over and turn. I don't know what happened but I freaked out and hit the curb and just stopped in the middle of the road. BF had to drive to the gas station quick like, run out and get his car. I didn't wreck it, all was okay...but I haven't driven since. It still scares me a little bit.

At some point I attempted to get my permit but failed the written test horribly. And with what happened the last time I drove I refuse to get behind the wheel without a permit. Silly thing is that I have the driver's manual on my night stand and I glance over at it every night...but never open it.

My goal is to get my liscense before I turn 30, so I've got a couple more years. But right now it doesn't seem like a big deal with the cost of gas and due to the fact that I'm broke so how would I pay a car note, insurance and gas? But then again I'd probably be able to apply for jobs that were in other areas because I'd have "reliable" transportation. Seems like a bit of a catch-22.

One of the big things for me with not knowing how to drive is stolen independence. I depend on the bus or catching a ride with friends. It's okay, but it is getting old. I've always been pretty independent and I want to be able to experience it to it's fullest.

With that the event that I get my liscense the car at the top of my list is a Pewter Grey. I would never be home. I'd be making up for lost time traveling where ever the road would take me. Previously on my list was a Mini Cooper and a VW Bug...very fitting to my personality I'm told. I don't see it.

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