Friday, August 4, 2006 hurts sometimes when you do it right...

  1. I finally finished that project. I think it turned out okay.
  2. I really don't want to eat soup again for lunch...or dinner.
  3. Anything else requires defrosting and then cooking. That's too much work.
  4. I changed my *other* blog's layout again.
  5. I like change...sometimes..
  6. ..good googly moogly...
  7. That burger was good.
  8. My client called to tell me there was a slight misspelling in the project.
  9. CRAP!
  10. Now I can move on to other projects.
  11. But what?
  12. I'm addicted to changing the layout/templates of my blogs.
  13. I think it's a sickness.
  14. I smell like syrup...from riding in the syrup mobile.
  15. Don't ask.
  16. It's past dinner time. I don't know what to eat or if I should even bother.
  17. I just changed my calendar to the correct day.
  18. It was only 2 days behind.
  19. I have too many email addresses to keep track of.
  20. ...this just might hurt a hurts sometimes when you do it right...don't be afraid of a little bit of pain...
  21. I think my buddy John Legend is right.
  22. What project should I tackle next?
  23. I haven't checked out any job leads today.
  24. I really should get to that.
  25. I think it's time to make a to do list.
  26. It'd probably help to make a grocery list too.
  27. Must put vacuuming on the to do list. As well as laundry.
  28. "If a man wants you NOTHING can keep him away."
  29. I had soup for dinner. No more soup.
  30. I'm getting out of the house for the night.
  31. I need to get out and socialize a bit.
  32. Mr. T text messaged me to say he had a fever.
  33. I forgive him for not calling to hang out yesterday.
  34. The music and wine are calling me.

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