Wednesday, August 9, 2006

"...this how I feel when I'm around you..."

  1. Ugh...I wanna go back to sleep...I really gotta stop staying up so late.
  2. STOP spamming me...gaaaaah!
  3. Wisdom tooth is really working my nerves.
  4. Magazines are the devil.
  5. As are book stores.
  6. "creaturus - comfortus"
  7. Pretzels are heaven. I miss my Butter Bretzels.
  8. I need the guy selling incense not to be walking back and forth in front of the bus stop men muggin' folks with the incense all up in his nose.
  9. I also need him not to wink at me real hard like we made some sort of connection.
  10. "...this how I feel when I'm around would fall without you...heaven's lost without you...and it's gone be alright...when I'm around you..."
  11. Man that sandwich was was the salad...but it didn't seem like it was enough.
  12. Must drink more water.
  13. $15 closer to owning that shirt. Sweet!
  14. Must do something productive tonight...since I neglected that last night.
  15. I need to start making to do lists again. Those always helped.
  16. I keep burping mushrooms. Of all the things I ate it's the damn mushrooms.
  17. Thirsty.
  18. Been sort of offered some side work. I shall take it graciously.
  19. I need the monies.
  20. *sigh*
  21. Another day.

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