Thursday, October 26, 2006

Go Shorty It's Your Birthday...

...we gon party like it's your birthday...

And this weekend we sure are going to party. Woo hoo today I'm 27. Gonna party all weekend...but first I must go to work today and get that out of the way. Hopefully I'll have a nice recap on Sunday.


Okay so it's a week later (Nov. 5) and I'm finally updating on my birthday.

Thursday was cool.  I went to work.  Yeah I "volunteered" to work on my birthday...not only that I ended up having to stay later to help cover the next person's shift until they could arrive.  When I got off I frivolously spent the money my dad sent me instead of being practical and paying bills with it.  Hey, I gotta have some fun sometimes.  SN came and picked me up and we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to her place to meet up with AB to watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy.  Damn that Grey's, it was a freakin' repeat.  Pretty normal day for the most part.  Also a friend of mine called me at work and sang Happy Birthday to me.  It was a sweet sweet gesture.

Although I had planned to go to the Children's Museum during the day I didn't due to all the crappy cold rain.  Who wants to go out in the rain.  I ended up staying home all day until dinner time.  Went out for a scrumptious dinner at Bahama Breeze.  Good Lord the food is delcious there.  I can't resist that place.  I think the waiters kept checking out my cleavage.  Several of them would pause and look at me while walking past.  I would've loved to have seen someone drop a tray or something.  I know that's cruel, but heck it's hilarious too.  After dinner we went out to Blu to hear our most favorite DJ spin, do bit of dancing and hanging out.  It was just me and AB because everyone else well...they were tired, got caught up with other stuff or whatever.  Being that it was the weekend before Halloween, there were a lot of people dressed up.  Holy shit and bull shit were chillin' next to us.  McSteamy was out in scrubs and the Cat in the Hat and Things 1 and 2 made an appearance.  Of course along with all the girls who use Halloween as an excuse to let their inner sluts out.  One girl even lost her skirt for a minute and was standing on the dance floor in just a thong.  Not something I wanted to see.

Nothing too exciting went on Saturday.  More chillin' at the house until hittin' the streets later that night to chill at Front Page with our OTHER favorite DJ.  A more low key night listening to music, bobbing our heads and watching more crazy drunk people.  If it weren't for the smoke lingering in the air it would've been an awesome night.

Sunday more of the same, sittin' at home doing nothing.  Had dinner with FA at Yats.  Yum.  And then hit Target for some goodies.  I'll leave it at that as I have another post for what occured later that evening.

It was a good weekend.  I enjoyed myself.  I would've loved if I more people would've come to hang out, but hey people lead busy lives and it was Halloween weekend.  I'll just have to start planning earlier for next year.

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