Monday, December 18, 2006

An Open Letter to My Bed

Dear Bed:

You've been in my life for about a year and half now.  And the time we've spent together has been splendiforous.  You and comforter and pillows have always welcomed me with open arms day and night.  We've made some great memories together.  You comfort me when I'm sick.  You keep me warm during the cold winter months.  You protect me from the monsters hiding in the boxes underneath.  I love you bed, as much as a person can and that's why it pains me to say this...we've been spending way too much time together lately.  Our relationship is beginning to seem unhealthy.  I think we need a break.  I'm not leaving you for good.  We'll still have our regularly nightly appointments, but we can't see each other during the day as much.  It's not healthy.  I'll still visit sometimes for short quick naps, but for now we need some time apart. Please don't be angry.


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