Friday, December 29, 2006

A Short List

  • Men should not wear fur coats. Enough said.
  • I want new glasses. I need a change and since I'm sticking to this no major haircuts for a year, glasses is the only other thing to change...unless I just got for it and get my eyebrow pierced.
  • I've got three months to come up with a really good April Fools Day joke for Antoine. Last years was so good he wanted to reach through the phone and slap me.
  • "I just got one question for ya, is ya happy?"
  • I'm feeling a little conflicted about a few things right now.
  • I did a lot of laying in bed this weekend.
  • He said he'd like to see me next time he's in town.
  • I'd like to see him too.
  • *heavy sigh*
    "...I'm not tryin ta pressure you...Just can't stop thinkin bout you...You ain't even really gotta be my girlfriend...I just wanna know your name and maybe some time...we can hook up, hang out, just chill..."
  • I've been getting rid of clutter and junk. It's been making me feel a little better.
  • I got hit on at work by an old man today. I tell ya it's that whole smiling, being nice thing.
  • I got a new spatula. WOO HOO!!! Let's celebrate by making that last egg I have.
  • Did you really just call me at 3:30AM???
  • My package is lost or something like that. Darn the freaking post office.
  • Did you really just call me 20 minutes after I just seen you???
  • I think I'm going to color my hair again. Black.
  • Juicy jerry curl lady asaulted me on the bus today just to tell my hair is purdy.
  • Dude seriously...I got hit on AGAIN at work by an old man. WTF??? Apparently I'm too pretty to work retail.
  • My boss suggested maybe I should be dancing on a poll. Fuck that shit...but I'll take the money to sit around and look pretty.
  • DJ Pillows on the 1's and 2's...thanks for the great nap.
  • Breaking up with my bed has been hard. I'm not sure I can do it.
  • "Are you going to play Hip Hop all night?" "BITCH"
  • Two drinks is definitely one too many. That last one was so strong it made the bottom of my feet itch.
  • It irks me to see women wearing bras that don't fit. You should NOT have four boobs.
  • I know I'm still up, but did you really just call me at 1:30AM?
  • Silly putty is one of my favorite toys.
  • Sadly I don't think I'll be kissing anyone at midnight.
  • On that note I think it's time for bed. DJ Pillows here I come.

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