Monday, February 12, 2007

I'd settle for a makeout partner.

  1. I think I have a little crush on someone.
  2. The latest from TheWriter, "Just wanted you to know that I enjoy you always being on my mind; be safe today while I'm sleeping."
  3. I hate the sound the snow crunching when you walk. It's almost like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  4. No bus ride home for me today. Woo hoo.
  5. No Roots Movement either. :(
  6. I seem to have a lot of men in my life...all at this point just friends.
  7. I'd actually date a few of them...but I'm keeping my mouth shut for now.
  8. You can say it's not a date all you want, but um you ain't fooling anyone. Valentine's Day and you offered to pay and you suggested going to the movies too. That's a date buddy.
  9. While I would quite enjoy the free meal, I think I'm gonna have to pass.
  11. Sometimes that's all I can ever think makes for an entertaining day at work.
  12. [insert heavy sigh here]
  13. I appreciate that the TheWriter calls just to say goodnight. Even if I've already fallen asleep. Why does he have to live far away?
  14. TheLiar is starting up his early morning calls again. Is it wrong for me to be suspicious?
  15. Today has been a fairly productive day. I love days like that.
  16. Soul Session c3Po tonight.
  17. Worky work work work...but fun work.
  18. I love seeing the boys out, it's always a good time catching up.
  19. TheLiar looked good tonight. I almost wanted to give him a free pass after that hug I got.
  20. Calm down hormones, calm down.
  21. Can't wait until the next Soul Session.
  22. Crushes are funny.
  23. I'll admit later after I figure some other things out.
  24. It's cold, I'm hungry and bored.
  25. It's great when you meet new people and you mesh and then ya'lls become friends.
  26. It really would be nice to have a Valentine this year.
  27. But I'm not counting on it...but if anyone would like to send me something, drop me a message and I'll give you the info.
  28. I'd settle for a makeout partner.
  29. I *heart* track jackets.
  30. It's not funny to joke about having a fiance after sleeping with a girl.
  31. Especially a girl who's been the other girl on several occasions.
  32. ThePornStar is back at it. I knew he wasn't out of the business for good.
  33. I told myself I was going to be honest/more open with people(men) about how I felt about them this year.
  34. Yeah so far...not so much.
  35. But I'm gettin' to it.
  36. I need a back massage. My back is starting to act up again. I don't need that again. I can't be missing work.
  37. Three hours on the phone with TheNarcissist. I think that's a record for us.
  38. He's effin' hilarious some days.
  39. Maybe Blackberry Jam tonight.
  40. LOL, TheTeacher has latched back on to FA. Woo hoo. I guess that means he doesn't want to take me out to dinner anymore on Wednesday.
  41. I can dig it.
  42. Phone sex with TheStudent is the best way to start the day.
  43. I'm diggin' the Ace Wonder & Ill Gaimez EP.
  44. I've been a bad MySpace friend with supporting them lately.
  46. Me: What're you doing at 8 tonight?
    TheNarcissist: Nothing.
    Me: Would you like to catch a local band?
    TheNarcissist: Wouldn't make it, I have a commitment around 9.
    Now wouldn't it make more sense for him to have just said, "Nothing but I have something planned for 9,"? So simple, yet complicated.
  47. Sometimes is just like...Wow...for real?
  48. I *heart* the Simpsons.
  49. TheParkRanger must've been sleeping REAL good.
  50. Yeah, he was comatose...sheesh.
  51. "I can't stand you." Sacarsmo strikes again. [insert evil laugh here]
  52. I need to drink more water.
  53. I've been neglecting my other blogs. I really need to catch up with them and get them straight.
  54. A Monday task maybe?
  55. I have this idea for a photo, I just need a bit of a tan, a man with contrasting skin tone and nice arms and a photographer. The photographer isn't a must have, but it'd make the whole set up a lot easier.
  56. Five to ten inches of've got to be effin' kidding me.
  57. I need to get out of here ASAP.

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