Friday, February 16, 2007

If I only had a brain.

I will get to uploading those photos when I get to it.

I really should try to do something and be productive today.

Good idea, yes.

Found money. Forty-five dollars. Sweet. Money for the weekend.

Found the driver's manual too. Woo hoo.

TheNarcissist and I are more on the same page than he thinks with regards to dating.

Somedays I'm really just looking for someone to replace what me and my best friend had. Hanging out all day, not saying much, vegging on the couch watching TV, cooking dinner together. Just the company.

Evening plans foiled. Dangnabit.

Um...that's a lot of snow out there.

Wow, dude is riding his bike in the snow.

Ugh, there's ice too. Blizzard conditions. Eeesh.

Dang it...still have to work today.

I went to work for all of an hour today. An effin' hour.

The snow is horrendous this morning and it appears I have to go to work AGAIN!!!

I'm not sure I can handle it.

Happy Heart Day!

A random man "accidently" patted me on the butt today. If I hadn't been in such a hurry to get to work he would've gotten a beat down.

I'm exhausted. But I got all sorts of ish to do before Friday.

"nothing material could ever take your're responsible for the smile on my're some kind of make me happy...look what you've dont to're something must be an angel..."

A lil' bit of the girl in me yearned for a Valentine.

I appreciated all the text messages I rec'd from friends.

I'm drowning in my bills. I really need to start making moves. REALLY.

I need for people to listen to the voicemails I leave them before calling me back. They might get the info they need and then I won't have to repeat everything I said.

Less than 24 hours and I'm out of here. Yeah baby!!!

Awww...TheEngineer tried to send me Red (only available during V-Day) Calla Lillies, but with the weather and me going out of town and work I'll be getting something else instead.

Damn the snow and crappy weather. I've never seen Red Calla Lillies before.

I knew I should've turned off my phone. Oh well.

It's freezing.

Sometimes I feel empty. If I only had a brain.

My alarm will go off in a little over an hour. I wonder if I can get a quick cat nap in?

I'm off to tr

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