Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You can find me in the A A A A

  1. TheParkRanger is more of a girl than I am. Hours to get ready...hours to pack...more luggage than me. Eesh.
  2. The tops of the trees covered with ice look beautiful...especially the way the sun hits them.
  3. How come Seymour doesn't have damn near any snow on the ground? Did only Indy get hit or something?
  4. A late arrival + not a lot of sleep = too tired to go out.
  5. Mmmmm...Fat Matt's Chicken and Ribs. Russ takes us to the best eating spots.
  6. The Amersterdam shoe store...I could've done without that.
  7. "Did that land on my car?" For real...no that's NOT what we're laughing at.
  8. Nappy time.
  9. "Where you get a butt like that?" I wish I knew how to answer that question.
  10. "I can't lie, I got some cutty last night."
  11. *rolls on floor laughing*
  12. Turkey burgers at FatBurger = yummy goodness...but I need for them to not lock the door at 11 when they are open until midnight. Come on now.
  13. The Lotus Lounge = nice venue, The Lotus Lounge DJ = You suck ass, get the eff out here. I think I might be really spoiled on the DJ thing. Russ have broken his streak of taking us to great places.
  14. I'm getting better at not being such a wench when men hit on me. Look at me, I'm growing.
  15. "I kant feel my face."
  16. Why did the upstairs of DJango smell like hot garbage?
  17. I was somewhat assaulted by a random stranger...I almost liked it. Can you tell I'm lacking in physical contact.
  18. "I'm gonna start calling you Zebra Cakes." Thanks Russ, let's add another nickname to the list.
  19. The trip wouldn't be complete if I didn't almost fall down Russ' stairs.
  20. How the heck did I miss that WHOLE step?
  21. It is sooo nice to be on vacation. I sort of wanna check email and crackspace...but being away from the computer is so refreshing.
  22. AB: This bathroom makes me wanna sing Ariel
    Me: [puzzled WTF face] Huh?
    AB: You know...*singing Ariel from the little mermaid"
    Me: I'm not talking to you for 5 minutes.
  23. *laughs hysterically*
  24. "...There's an icebox where my heart used to be..."
  25. Somedays I wish I could be like that. Sometimes I let my feelings get hurt too easily...of course you wouldn't know it...but I do.
  26. I think I might be a lil' socially inept. Just a lil.
  27. I hate when people ask why I'm single. I DON'T KNOW. I guess that means I'm doing something "wrong".
  28. I know I'm so out of it because I brought my camera and didn't take any photos and there were a lot of photos to be taken.
  29. I hate how TheNarcissist has me questioning shit now. I got 50 eleven questions running through my mind.
  30. I have to be strong and keep myself together.
  31. I need to fight whatever it is this is. I can change things. Things WILL get better for me. I really have a lot of work to do.
  32. I am so not looking forward to going back to Indianapolis.
  33. *heavy sigh*
  34. I need a lot of encouragement and support. The stubborn me hates to ask for it.
  35. No Cincy for me on Friday.
  36. I don't think TheStudent and I are ment to ever meet.
  37. TheStylist totaled his car so we didn't get to hang out. Oh well...maybe some other time.
  38. TheWriter was unreachable. I really wanted to see him.
  39. Stupid boys...they suck!!!
  40. Heck, I didn't even see my fellow HHsers, Joe'l or Grayse.
  41. Next time will have to be a longer more productive trip.
  42. Hmmmph...I'm taking those words too personally. I shouldn't.
  43. Honestly...I don't really have a type, so to speak.
  44. This dry air and static are not cool. AT. ALL.
  45. Apparently Melissa = Me Me when you don't know how to spell Melissa.
  46. IHOP, an ATL tradition.
  47. I'm starting to notice a change in TheNarcissist. I can't tell if it's good or bad.
  48. We got another late start heading home...can you tell we don't wanna come back.
  49. Papi's was some pretty decent food.
  50. I *heart* Little Five Points.
  51. We didn't get on the road until 5 or 6. LOL...stalling much?
  52. So glad it's like 30 degrees warmer here than it was when we left.
  53. I was greeted by a dozen roses from TheEngineer when I got home.
  54. He's a sweetheart...but he knows how I feel about roses. I know he did that ish on purpose. It's cool though. I appreciate that thought. They are beautiful.
  55. Sleeping in my own bed = mmm mmm good.

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