Monday, July 16, 2007

...I Will Wait on You My Dear...

TheBestFriend says Atlanta is far away. Punk I'm 3-4 hours away now and your punk ass can't visit. What's another 7-8 gonna matter?

FYI-I'm moving to Atlanta. Just in case you haven't gotten the memo. You can blame Ms:Red for that. Okay not blame, but encouraged the decision.


There really isn't much here for me. Been here for two years and still can't find a job, can't find a place to live and here sucks too. I'll miss everyone though. Wish I could pack them all up and bring them with.

Nick said he'd have to set up a podcast for us to play in our living room. Not quite the same, but good enough.

I'm told I sound a lot happier already. This feels like a good thing.

I miss him.

*heavy sigh*

"...Think of it every second...I can't get nothing done...Only concern is the next time, I’m gonna get me some...Know I should stay away from, cause it's no good for me...I try and try but my obsession wont let me leave...I got a problem and I don’t know what to do about it...Even if I did, I don’t know if I would quit but I doubt it...I’m taken by the thought of it, and I know this much is true...Baby, you have become my addiction, I’m so strung out on you...I can barely move but I like it...And it’s all because of you...And it's all because of you..."

TheLiar called and woke me up this morning...tried to feed me that line that he came to Indy just to see me. [I didn't see him all day nor did I hear back from him when he said he'd call me back.]

I hope he doesn't think I'm THAT guillible.

I finally packed a few boxes. Slowly but surely coming along nicely. Next is getting more boxes and finding a storage place. Fun, fun.

That woman is talking sooooo loud. [thankfully her and her party left so that we could enjoy our meal in peace]

Buca di Beppo + "lunch bunch" = mmm mmm bitches

It hurt my pockets a little though...but I have Tiramasu for days.

Ceasar's puppy is adorable. I want a puppy. [I know, I know, no puppies in the apartment.]

Front Page was kind of dead.

I must've been more tired than I thought.

I take comfort in knowing that he misses me too.

I'm not sure I can wait a whole month to see him again though.


"...I will wait on you, my dear...Even if it takes 1,000 years...I believe that love will see us through...But, for right now here’s what we gon’ do...Forever will I wait on you...And, I hope that you feel like I do...It’s so hard for me to wear my watch...Because all I hear is tick and tock..."

Rum and espresso soaked ladyfingers that have been chillin' in the fridge overnight...that's good stuff. LOL.

"...Why be alone when we can be together baby...You can make my life worthwhile...And I can make you start to smile...When it's through, it's through...Fate will twist the both of you...So come on baby come on over...Let me be the one to show you...I'm the one who wants to be with you...Deep inside I hope you feel it too...Waited on a line of greens and blues...Just to be the next to be with you...Just to be the next to be with you..."

Phone date tonight. Can't wait.

I shouldn't try to do too many things at once when I'm cooking. Luckily the pasta was still pretty good as was the green bean casserole.

Stupid bra.

I can talk to him all night.

Apparently I'm one of the few he knows who keeps their word.

He was a little surprised I got my nipples pierced. Even though we'd discussed it on a several occasions. I think I'm not quite the girl he thought I was.'s torture I tell you.

I manned up and went down there to see him, why can't I man up and tell him how I feel???

It's so hard to be productive and pack and throw out stuff I know I don't need to keep. Ugh. I have A LOT of stuff.

Hopefully all the stuff I listed on CraigsList/FaceBook/MySpace/etc. will sell so I can make some money AND get rid of my junk.

I want him...BADLY.

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