Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gobble di Gobble

The holidays have officially started. It’s the week of Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day of the year. Blah. It’s going to be a fun next couple of weeks.

I cut my hair. I spent a year growing it out and then told myself I wanted to have long hair when I got married (not that I’ll be getting married anytime soon) to motivate and keep me from cutting it. Then, spontaneously I walked to the beauty shop and told the hairdresser to cut it…and she did…and all of it fell to floor in a pile. A week later and I’m regretting my decision, but I know it’ll grow back…it’ll take a year…but it’ll grow back. I think part of my decision to cut my hair has to do with the fact that I don’t see marriage in my future and I have time to let it grow out. The other part of my decision was because I felt I needed a change and hair is one of those things that’s the easiest to change.

After a conversation I had with McDishes earlier this week I STILL want to see him. I shouldn’t though. He has issues with commitment, detachment…and who knows what else. I’d never really get what I want from him, but I still want to talk to and spend time with him. Why is that? And he hasn’t made it any easier by encouraging and helping me with my business situation. It just makes me want him all the more. Nice guys. Why?

It was nice to spend Thanksgiving with friends. I hadn’t made any plans to, but then how do you say no to a last minute invitation to eat turkey and ham and all the other Turkey Day goodies? You don’t. Dogs with torn ACL’s. Everyone but you speaking French. Little boys rough housing with no shirts on. Stories of drunken hook ups, celeb meetings, crazy mothers. Exactly how Nap Day should be spent.

No good Black Friday sales at the mall. At least none that I found on my way to work. Fifteen percent or ten dollars off does not a sale make. Actually I’d say our store probably had one of the best sales in the mall. How can you beat BOGO Free and 50% off? And our sale was four days long starting BEFORE Thanksgiving. Surprisingly we weren’t as busy as I thought we’d be…especially since there was quite a bit of traffic due to the lighting of the “tree”, the basketball game and then the football games.

Dinner with an old friend from high school was quite nice…that night. Catching up and talking. I quite enjoy meeting up with old friends. Of course the next day when I checked my bank statement for the dinner charges there were THREE holds on my card. I called the restaurant to complain and did a horrible job at it. Like McDishes reminded me earlier this week, I’m much better at communicating through writing than I am vocally. A letter to their corporate office it will be and hopefully I’ll be compensated in some way. I should be. I deserve that.

I hope something exciting or blog worthy happens soon. My weeks seem pretty lame…all I do is work and sit around at home.

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