Monday, August 4, 2008

Excuse me, what?

The other night Batman asked me if I was going to move in with him. At first I thought, what the fuck? Then I immediately responded with, I need my own room and you don't live convenient to where I work. My way of saying no.

See, the thing is Batman and I don't know each other THAT well. We're friends, but we're not dating, well really I'm not sure what's going on between us other than that we rendezvous late at night and occasionally steal kisses when I think/hope no one is looking*. I must've done something to him** and now he wants 24/7 access. *shrugs* Whatever.

Usually anything said during or post sex in my book is null and void, because sometimes in the heat of the moment when the banging is oh god yes good you say something you might not mean to (or blurt out mean things when it's this was a waste I'd rather be filing grandma's toe nails bad). This time I'm actually a little confuzzled though due to somewhat related things said and done when we were fully dressed and in an entirely different setting. Yeah, I don't know. It's probably best not to think about it and take it for what it was...a random request post sex.

*He once texted/called late at night because he claimed he wanted to hear my voice. Not a good look, calling after midnight should only be done when it will result in a late night rendezvous. pleaseandthankyou. Wanting to hear my voice can wait until the morning.

**I think the power of the P will have to be a separate post.

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