Tuesday, March 8, 2011

spaceships don't come equipped with rear-view mirrors

  1. A friend messaged me telling me to quit looking at his boobs. I suddenly became very aware that I didn't have a shirt on, looked around and realized I was at home alone and got up and put on a shirt after I told him to quit looking at MY boobs.
  2. Lost a damn sock. This is war sock monster. This. Is. WAR!
  3. Funny how you think about someone you don't particularly care about and then bam they pop up. Think about someone you DO care about and they're far away. :/
  4. Thanks babe  >  sup luv
  5. Random chick to her friends about me while she held the door open for me: Damn! She got a fat ass!
  6. Uuummm...okay.
  7. I like boobs. They're kinda fascinating. And I have them and I'm still curious about them at times.
  8. And after all it won't take long to fall in love/Now I know what I don't want/I learned that with you 
  9. When Hey Soul Sister by Train it makes me laugh because of you and then I sing it loudly and with much passion.
  10. messy curly hair today. *loves*
  11. I love Saturdays spent with friends that are full of good times and laughter. Jokes are born and fun is had.
  12. swag...woo...
  13. My #futurehusband will be passionate about something. His job, music, art, me, children, movies.  Something. And what I don't know about what he's passionate about he'll teach me.
  14. I've been playing Bruno Mars' Marry Me over and over the last couple of days. I like it. It's very upbeat and dancey.
  15. Tried to buy a new computer monitor today, but couldn't find a sales person and was short on time. I might just have to order one. 
  16. I did get some much needed new shoes and clothes though.
  17. It's a beautiful night/We're looking for something dumb to do/Hey baby/I think I wanna marry you
  18. Thunder and lightening? Meh...unless he's here to cuddle with I don't want it.
  19. Me: Goodnight moon.
    Him: Nom nom nom.
    Me: *laughs, smiles*
  20. It's fun to watch people get excited about things. It makes you get all happy and excited too.
  21. My #futurehusband and I will embark on fun adventures together. Skateboarding, bike riding, roller derby, hiking, camping, where ever, what ever.
  22. Getting sick. This sucks. :/
  23. You're killing me, Smalls.
  24. My #futurehusband will braid my hair at night before we go to sleep.
  25. I could've went to Chicago today for the day for $6. I should've went.
  26. It feels good inside when folks want to spend time with you.
  27. Sally Jesse Raphael glasses are on their way!!!
  28. I hope tonight that I sleep through the night and get some good rest. (didn't happen, but I figured out what the problem seems to be)
  29. One of my accounts is off by 10 cents and it's driving me bonkers. I'm missing 5 dollars cash and I'm not as concerned. What's wrong here?
  30. Melissa Type Logic: If the person before me doesn't clean out the lint trap, I clean it out and dry my clothes and go on my merry way. If it's already cleaned out I dry my clothes and then empty it before I go. Basically I leave it how I found it and am not doing any extra work for anyone else.
  31. All these puppy pictures are making my ovaries hurt. I want a puppy. 
  32. My #futurehusband will know how and when to make me laugh when I need it and just because.
  33. My #futurehusband will fight for us when things get rough. Every day won't be unicorns and rainbows.
  34. Cataloging my sneakers for Sneakerpedia. I didn't realize how dirty some of them were. Yuck! I guess I have some work to do at some point.
  35. spaceships don’t come equipped with rear-view mirrors

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