Sunday, April 29, 2012

5AT: fancy baths and handmade cards

bath shit from lush

five awesome things

  1. lush goodies - i don't remember when and how i discovered lush, but i'm so glad that i did. they make some of the most awesome bath, body and face stuff. they make my favorite body wash called the olive branch and a few months ago i started using a face scrub they make called dark angels and my face is look lovely. and more recently i splurged and bought a few of their bath bombs and bubble bars. talk about a bath scented from heaven. aaaaaaaahhh...
  2. greek yogurt - i didn't particularly care for greek yogurt the first time i'd had it, then i gave another brand a try and decided it was pretty good. now i've discovered the greek gods greek yogurt in vanilla honey and i LOVE it. yummy in my tummy. delicious in smoothies and i'm about to try it in cold oatmeal cups.(the cold oatmeal cups were delish)
  3. cuties - of the tiny yummy orange variety (the handsome male variety are pretty awesome too sometimes). at one point i was eating one or two of these a day. this girl right here isn't gonna get scurvy anytime soon. they are quite delicious. small and sweet. the perfect snack. i usually take one to work with me in the morning to partake in right before i clock in so that i'm not starving by the time either my lunch rolls around or it's time for me to exit the premises.
  4. selling handmade cards - i brought some Mother's Day cards that i'd made with me to Coaches this past Tuesday to get a jump on sales and sold more than i expected. LOVE IT! surprisingly most people had cash on them. but if they didn't i had my square credit card reader. i've only used it once on myself, but it's a neat little thing to have. no more excuses. no cash, that's fine. i can take a credit card. on that note visit this page and take a gander, maybe you'll find a card you like.
  5. meal with friends - i will rarely if ever turn down an invitation to have a meal with friends. first, i get to eat which i love to do and second, i get to spend time with friends which i also love to do. it's always a good time. nice and relaxing. great adventures are to be had when friends get together for meals and things.

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