Tuesday, May 29, 2012

pretty cool shit ver. 12.1

Today is my Friday. Yay!!! That's how it goes when you work retail. I'm glad it's a short day at work. Now that school is out I'm gonna have to get used to working more hours, business is sure to pick up.

It has been hot the last few days here and I broke down and turned on the air. I'm not looking forward to the electric bill. Thankfully it's supposed to cool down a bit this week. I can dig that for sure. With work, the heat and my limited funds I haven't been up to much. My Little Black Bag should be shipping this week. Yay! I can't wait to get it.  Check out this post, if you'd like to know more about LLB.

Nearing the end of the month I'm starting to think about my goals for June and how much I didn't accomplish on my May goals list. Post to come about both of those.

Slowly, but surely getting back into the blogging game. I'm still working on what features I want to add here and what kinds of things I want to share this go around. I like the idea of sharing things that I come across as I'm perusing the interwebs. What do you think?

these faux snow cones, don't they look like a delicious summer treat

this wedding bouquet, I'm just getting into embroidery

this camera bag collection

 it's so true though

this bed, I'd be afraid to flip right out of if though

this experiment, a neat earth and money saver

 this map, how fun to have a map of your city

 this hoop piece, I don't know what's cuter, the balloons or the floral fabric, this inspires me to find some vintage fabrics to make quilts

this tasty looking treat, doesn't it look delicious. I wanna lick the rim and take a huge gulp

I keep changing my blog background and color palette. I can't help it. I can't find anything I'm happy with, but I think I really like the background I just added (I found it at over at colour lovers). I like the colors and the pattern seems a little bouncy. Not so sarcastic, but whatevs. It's my blog.


ican'tsew said...

"If the bed's a rockin' ...that's just how we made it"

Those margaritas look good! I'm gonna be online hipster-y and not pin it but just save it to my computer. Yep yep!

chickenboo said...

lol Yup.

If you happen to try it any time soon, you have to let me know how it tastes.