Sunday, June 24, 2012

5AT: king size beds and double sales

five awesome things

Since I missed last weeks 5AT post this one post may have a few extra awesome things from last week. Deal with it.
  1. king size beds w/ soft sheets and someone else makes - The Job put us up in the Hilton for work last weekend. The beds were glorious, the sheets, the pillows, the housekeeping crew that came in every morning to make the bed for me (I'm not big on making my own bed every day.) AWESOME!!! I miss it so.
  2. shoes on double sale - First off, I totally don't mind that I'm still able to wear kids size shoes, makes them a bit cheaper, even if the selection is smaller. And then on top of that my shoes were on sale. And then on top of THAT, there was a 30% off tag attached to them, that was only on the pair in the box. SCORE!!! Double sale on already less expensive shoes. I wasn't thrilled with the color, but they're definitely growing on me. And they're gonna be mostly for working out anyway, so what does the color matter?
  3. meeting new people - I generally don't care for new people. I'm shy and awkward. But when you're dumped into a work project and you kinda gotta make friends quickly. Okay. I'm glad to have met some new people who work with my company. We had fun and I look forward to seeing some of them again.
  4. paid travel time - Traveling to and from the work trip in the car is paid travel time. All I had to do was sit in the car and enjoy the ride. Um...YES, please. I was able to get some reading and crocheting done and I got paid for it. How AWESOME is that? VERY!
  5. cheese farms - On the way back from Milwaukee we stopped at a cheese castle and a cheese farm. Have I ever told you how much I love cheese? I once counted 13 different types of cheese in my fridge. I thought it might be a problem, but no, it's good. And guess what...cheese farms have FRESH cheese, like cows on the farm having babies fresh. I've been eating the cheese straight from the wedges. No sharing.
  6. half off day - One of the best handful of days of the year. I never really buy much at work and when I do I wait for half off day. My kids will have the most awesome toy collection when they get older and I won't have spent tons of money. I can dig it. 
  7. naps - Naps will never not be awesome. They just are. Very much needed too. Even if it did mean that I slept through one of the tasks I meant to get accomplished. Oh naps. I can't ever quit you.
  8. butterscotch root beer - I already love root beer. Adding butterscotch flavor to it...oh my heavens. My taste buds were in heaven. A little sweet, but such a lovely treat. I wish it were available here.

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